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¡Bienvenidos! – Welcome!

¡Bienvenidos a mi sitio web! My name is Señor Jordan and this website’s goal is to help anyone interested in their quest to learn Spanish. I will be helping you learn with home-made videos. This blog will be used embedding the videos and organizing them to more easily peruse.

I am currently a high school Spanish teacher in rural Missouri, but I recently have seen a need both for my students and for everyone else to have a place to go for free Spanish lessons that are numerous and helpful.

My goal, by the end of this school year is to have 100 videos (or more). Then each additional school year, I plan to add more videos to fill in gaps. If you ever have a topic that you would like covered, please let me know and I can make a lesson for it.

I’ll probably get a lot of flak for this from people, but these videos do not contain vosotros/vosotras because I do not use either form with my Central American friends. Whenever you need it anyways, it’s not too hard to pick up. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone! 🙂

If you wonder what text I teach from at my school and what order these videos will lean towards, it is the Paso a Paso series by Prentice Hall. I love it. Vocabulary will usually come from this series, however I might add my own. Please be aware that words do differ from country to country or even in regions of the same country.

Please watch, add comments, ask questions, make suggestions! This website is for you! Don’t forget to enjoy!


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There’s a Dictionary if you don’t understand a word mentioned in the video lessons.

And don’t forget about the videos!

13 Responses

  1. Hola Senor Jordan!

    Me gusta tu website! (I think I did that right)
    The website looks nice and I’ll definitely be checking out the videos.


  2. Le he encontrado buscando una explicación sobre el pretérito para mis alumnos. Yo doy clase en Nashville. Le felicito por tu trabajo, realmente es buenísimo y gracias por la ayuda.

  3. Senor Jordan:

    I am your one-week new student. I have been enjoying your lessons very much because you have an excellent teaching method and your videos are of high quality. Since I am also a language teacher (Chinese), I am not only learning Spanish from you but also your teaching method. Thank you very much for your hard work and generosity.


  4. Señor Jordan,
    Your lessons are fantastic! I hope that you get chance to come down here soon to visit us in Mexico. I am sure that there are a lot of people who would like to meet you.

  5. Mexico Bob,
    I’m glad that you think my videos are of such high caliber. That’s nice to know considering your fairly fluent in Spanish now (I’d gather). I’d love to come down and visit sometime. Not sure who would like to meet me?! Haha. I’m just your average guy. ¡Hasta luego!

  6. Great Job! I’m currently using RosettaStone and i found your Youtube and i think is great for me. I’m 58 and i went on a mission trip to Olinalar, Gro. last year and feel in love with the people. So i want to learn as much spanish as i can, because i’m going back in Aug. I uploaded you on my Zune. Thanks for taking the time to make these videos. God Bless

  7. Señor Jordan,

    También encontré tus lecciones hoy y las encuentro buenísimas – son excelentes. ¿Cómo haces los videos? O sea, qué programa usas para editarlos y todo?

    Sigue adelante…me ha encantado ver lo que has hecho.

    Karen Gudde

  8. Hola

    Your videos have been such a help to me. I have taken on a entry course from the Open Uni in the UK . I am not getting on too well as I have no opportunity to speak spanish or lsiten to it being spoken but your videos are giving me hope that I may grasp it before my exam in September …. I am so behind! Thanks so very much for the time you take to do this and inspire us.

    Keep well, signing off from a sunny Ireland

    ps next time I leave a message for you, I will do it in Spanish I promise!

  9. hi

    I had a question. Is this sentence right?

    No me gusta la escuela porque es muy aburrida.

    Or is it.

    No me gusta la escuela porque está muy aburrida.

    Please explain which sentence is correct. And when do you use estar.

    Thanks In Advance

  10. The first one makes the most sense:
    No me gusta la escuela porque es muy aburrida.
    (school is boring… it’s a description/characteristic how it normally is)

    General rule:
    ser + aburrido = to be boring
    estar + aburrido = to be bored

    I don’t have a video up to answer your question quite yet about the differences between the two… maybe check out these links for now:

    ser: http://www.lingolex.com/ser/index.htm
    estar: http://www.lingolex.com/ser/index.htm

    Best of luck.

  11. Senor Jordan,

    Your videos are so very helpful to me. I want to learn spanish and be very fluent in it. I do hope you vides will help me.

  12. Sr. Jordan,

    Your videos are fantastic. I am taking Spanish II by correspondence, and I really rely on your videos to bring a sense of a classroom to me. I am disabled, so I must take courses via correspondence.

    Is there any way I could purchase all your videos as a DVD set?

    Thank you so much for the GREAT work!


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