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Are you wanting more opportunities to practice Spanish and get help when you get stuck? I am super excited to tell you that I have your solution!

I have partnered with NOVO AI with exciting new technology that leverages Artificial Intelligence with practicing Spanish.

We call it, Chateo: Tu amigo de conversación! 


How to get started?

  1. on Facebook
    • Click here to get started talking with Chateo on Facebook if you’re viewing on your phone or computer browser.
    • Message @ChateoElBot to get started. 


  • on Telegram
    • Install Telegram (free app) to your cellphone. 
      • Click here to get started talking with Chateo on Telegram if you’re viewing this on your phone.
      • Message @ChateoElBot on Telegram to get started. 


    • Click this link to be redirected to Telegram or Facebook


  • Try Chateo for free, asking it Spanish questions or conversing with him until you reach your message limit (around 10 messages).

  • Once you reach your chat limit, click on the link to pay for a subscription or share the link with others to get more messages!

  • Don’t forget to use the code: CHATEOBOT to get a discount on your first 6 months to help take your Spanish conversational skills to the next level!
Now enjoy and talk to Chateo each day in Spanish or ask him your Spanish questions! 

Here’s a video about Chateo!


Why chat with Chateo?

By chatting with Chateo in Spanish, you can improve your Spanish and conversational skills!

Many resources to learn Spanish are videos you can’t interact with, are not really using language you’d like to use, aren’t comprehensible enough for your level, are language out of context, or simply aren’t fun.

But with Chateo:

  • You get to practice the Spanish language in real time conversation!
  • You get information on a variety of topics that interest you in Spanish based on your conversation!
  • You get English translations to make sure the Spanish is comprehensible!
  • You get to see Spanish in context because it’s through a conversation!
  • You can hear  Spanish because the messages automatically have speech integrated! 
  • You get to have fun interacting with Chateo’s unique personality and take on the world!

 And there is so much more that makes this the most powerful resource in your Spanish-learning arsenal!


Ready to try Chateo for free today? Go to the “How to get started?” section for instructions. And if you like it, subscribe for unlimited messages!



What can I do with Chateo?

The beauty of chatting with Chateo is that it caters to your Spanish-learning needs! Imagine having a Native-Spanish speaker at your fingertips 24 hours a day 7 days a week who you can actually understand because they can translate everything into English for you.
Chateo puts learning Spanish on your terms!
  • Practice conversational skills (ex: “¡Hola! ¿Qué vas a hacer hoy?”, “¿A quién admiras?”, “¿Qué te gusta comer en los restaurantes?”)
  • Practice situations / role play using prompts in English or Spanish (ex: “You are a vendor. I am trying to buy a shirt. Try to sell me the shirt.”, “You work at the airport and I need to buy tickets.”, “You are a waiter taking my order at the restaurant, but there is no cheese today in the restaurant.”)
  • Ask grammar questions and for examples in Spanish or English (ex: “What is the difference between por and para?”, “How do I conjugate ser in the future tense?”, “Give me some examples of the present subjunctive.”)
  • Practice vocabulary with English or Spanish prompt (ex: “How do you say…”, “¿Cómo se dice…?”)
  • Get it to use creative language in Spanish or English (ex: “Write me a story practicing travel vocabulary.”, “Write me a poem about robots.”, “Write me a haiku about food.”)
  • Learn about real life concepts that interest you in Spanish or English (ex: ““Why does it rain?”, “Who is the Greek god of machines?”,  “How do I change the oil on my car?”, “How do I make someone fall in love with me?”)

And we’re just scratching the surface of this amazing resource! So get chatting with Chateo today to improve your Spanish!


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