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Los acentos ortográficos / Accent marks

If you’re wanting to learn how to type accent marks as you work on your Spanish here are the ways for a PC user. I used to know how to do it on a Macintosh but I have since forgotten!

In Microsoft Word / Wordpad

Simply follow the directions below:
1) press ctrl and
2) release
3) press key of vowel you would like to accent
4) release

[ctrl and ‘] + [a] = á

For ñ, [ctrl and shift and ~] + [n]

For any other program

Make sure num-lock is on. This is important because you’ll be using the number keypad (numbers on the right side of keyboard).

You’ll press alt, type in the code below, and release alt and it will yield the resulting letters.

Á = 0193
á = 0225
É = 0201
é = 0233
Í = 0205
í­ = 0237
Ó = 0211
ó = 0243
Ú = 0218
ú = 0250
Ü = 0220
ü = 0252
Ñ = 0209
ñ = 0241
¡ = 0161
¿ = 0191

Hope this is helpful!

15 Responses

  1. It’s easy to do on a Mac. Press option-e, and the ‘ will appear with an underline. Then, type the letter you want to accent. For ñ, type option-n, then n. For ¡, it’s option-1. For ¿, it’s option-shift-/.

  2. One other note, if you are working in word and go to Tools, Languag, Set Language, Spanish (Mexico) you can now type a quesiton mark or exclaimation at the beginning of a sentence and it will be upside down!
    Now if I could only figure out the enay (ñ) and the double dots over the u (ü), then I would be happy. As it is now, I have to cut and paste from a help document that I created.

  3. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles.I enjoying reading your post. You make valid points in a concise and pertinent fashion, This is a really good read for me, many thanks to the author

  4. I admire the work you’ve put into all the videos and the enthusiastic way you present them.

    For the accent marks in Microsoft Word, perhaps you could have added:

    For ü, [ctrl and shift and :] + [u]
    For ¿, [ctrl and shift and alt] + [?]
    For ¡, [ctrl and shift and alt] + [!]
    For the Euro symbol (€), [ctrl and alt] + [E]

    ¡Buena suerte!

  5. I like to thank you for your videos , they are very helpful. i would to offer a suggestion on how I type the accents first go to control panel ,double click on regional and language options,left click on language, left click on details, left click on add, keyboard layout click united states international, this will allow you to use accents by pressing an accent then the letter such as ` a à

  6. Hi !
    I have tried to use accents the way you said, but none of the ways worked unless I wanted capitol letters, which I don’t want. Does anyone know how I can do that? And Senor Jordan, do you have a video on how to use the accents? They are a bit confusing.

  7. Thanks Senor Jordan! This is really helpful:) Do you know how to accent on e-mail such as gmail or yahoo? Thanks so much!

  8. LibbyJoy,
    use the accent marks for “any other program” in your e-mail. it should work. i am a computer worker

  9. I go to ‘insert’ and symbols. I find the letter/symbol on the pull down list. Then I can program the key strokes I want or see what Word already has and use that. Of course, when I use another computer, I just use symbols. If typingin Facebook or PowerPoint, I’ve had to first type in Word and the copy and paste.

  10. I love your work! Me encantan tus videos, me ayudan mucho en mis clases!!!
    Felicitaciones pir tu excelente trabajo!

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