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01-001 – Basic Conversation (part 1)

Hola. This video covers some basic conversation.


¿Cómo estás?
Estoy bien.
¿Cómo te llamas?
Me llamo ____.
¿De dónde eres?
Soy de ____.
Hasta luego.

*(note in video ¡Adiós! is unaccented, but it should have an accent mark for linguistic reasons)

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  1. I really enjoy it. The form of presentation and explanation is very simple and bright (I mean we Russians don`t have such a vivid facial expression) I like your friendly manner, be sure this video as well as the other are very useful. Gracias!

  2. Hi. Just wanna say thanks a lot for doing all this. I can speak French pretty well but couldn’t speak two words of Spanish until about a week ago. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and they have helped me so much. You’ve put so much effort into it! I really appreciate it.


  3. I came to your blog through a link on Mexico Bob’s site. Very good material. I need to start studying regularly for my move to Mexico in May. I put your blog in my resources roll, but I may do a post, as well — probably tomorrow.

  4. Hey there, your videos are good. In fact…at the university I attend, your video was viewed in class to all the students. So you seem to be teaching everywhere 🙂 way cool!!

  5. Señor Jordan… your home-made videos are refreshingly simple and wonderfully to the point. I envy your students and applaud your generosity in providing these to the world and specifically to an elder student such as myself. Thank you for your passion! Grateful in California!

  6. Sr. Jordan,
    You are so fabulous, I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I found you to help me study spanish. I am currently taking a class on Monday night in California and have found no study material to work until I found you. Gracias!

  7. Sr. Joran,

    Soy de India.
    I love Spanish ( latin) music.That is why I want to learn Spanish.I found your videos very helpful.
    I am so happy that i found you to help me.


  8. You have to be the best teacher I’ve ever come across … I really have a passion for the language and i want to learn so badly … Please i really need your help 🙁

  9. I found it very hard to learn the language … In school … I would hate to describe what it was like but your video’s are what i can say is a (BRIGHT LIGHT) at the end of a tunnel … A really really really really and i could go on “DARK TUNNEL”

    “I really need your help”

  10. Hola Jordan!! He encontrado tu sitio por internet y te puedo decir que es veramente interesante!!
    Tus videos me han servido muchisimo apesar de que soy de origenes espanola , mi interes es aprender el ingles y te dire que lo estoy comprendiendo mucho mejor a travès de tus videos y ejemplos que haces.
    I really appreciate it.

  11. What i needed help with in spanish was mostly learning more words.if i talk to someone in spanish and they talk back to me, I can understand what they are trying to say but some words I just haven’t learned yet.I know just about all of the rules, i just need to practice a few more words to become a spanish master. Most of my struggles are with irregular verbs, so if you did more of those, I wouldn’t make the mistake of changing a verb like tener to yo teno. I mean I know it’s tengo but if I see a new word I won’t know whether or not it has a ‘rule’. I just need a bigger vocabulary.

  12. Hola senor Jordan,

    Me llamo Don and I have been wanting to learn spanish. I have found your site to be very helpful. I was wondering if you can download your videos to an mp3 player? That way I could practice more. If not that is fine, but if so please let me know how.



  13. hola senor!
    soy esther
    from now on I will be your student!
    I think you are a very good teacher…your explanation is very clear 🙂

  14. hola jordan,soy flor a filipina,very thankfull that u teach very clearly..but my prob.was why ur video es nada en me movil is it not possible..hope u help me soon..gracias

  15. Hola ! senor Jordon !
    Buenas tardes !
    I am a Research Scholar in Economics and I’m from New Delhi, India. My mother tongue is Bengali and I know languages like English, Hindi, Sanskrit (very beginning), and Urdu (speaking only, and the Script).
    I have started Spanish few days ago and I discovered your Vedios in Youtube.
    These are really good to me. Infact your Vedios are best ever I have seen.
    I started to follow your all the lessons one by one by considering you as my teacher.
    I believe, I must learn the Spanish language through your Vedios.

    Thank you, so much.

  16. Wow! Reminds me of the Standard Deviants videos. Great! Keeps interest going so I know my son won’t quit watching. I will watch also; who knows, maybe I’ll learn too. So much work you are doing to put these up for everyone to make use of. I’ll ask my husband if we can donate some money to your work. Thanks!

  17. Hola~,
    I’d like to study spanish through it but I can’t open…
    Do I need to down load something or can’t open because of old files…?


  18. Im from Australia and decided my New Years Resolution was learn Spanish and then travel to South America. I have to say your videos are particularly helpful. Hoping that I will be able to have a decent conversation with the locals once I get there. Fingers crossed. Maybe next time my post will be in Spanish??

  19. ¿Cómo está? (how is he/ how is she/ how are you (formally)?)
    ¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)

  20. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful videos! I am currently taking an online Spanish class through my university and its TERRIBLE!! The course isn’t set up to be online so I have a book full of Spanish words with no pronouncations or English translations and no teacher interaction or help! If it weren’t for your information I would have flunked long ago. At the end of the semester we get to review our professors, I am going to post a link to your site so he can see what a REAL Spanish teacher is like!

    Thanks again!

  21. where have you been?????
    ive just found you on youtube and your videos are amazing!
    i’ve just started learning and have been using the rosetta stone program…..this is sooooo much better. you explain everything really well and finally i dont feel like throwing my lap top against the wall!!!
    i’m really looking forward to learning with you 😀

  22. i have been told that this is south american spanish not spanish spanish….will i come unstuck learning from this when i move to spain?

  23. hola sr. jordan!
    I want to sincerely thank you for all your hard work in making these videos and maintaining this website. I am just about done with my first spanish class and I owe all of my success in it to you sir. I’ve had more of a sense of understanding the language from watching a 5 minute video of yours than I could ever get from sitting in class for hours. You are truly great at what you do, never stop. Bless you and gracias!

  24. Hola Sr. Jordán

    Thank you for your time and your hard work. I am 47 years old and have a desire to learn spanish. I am unemployed and do not have the money for school. Your videos have made it possible.

    I was seaching on YouTube, found you, and today I started school I am your student.

    Once again Thank you with all my heart.

  25. mucho gracias Senor Jordan.
    Great videos, probably the best resource for learning Spanish I’ve found so far (except for my girlfriend of course). Keep up the great work!

  26. Senor Jordan, you are truly the greatest!! Gracias por su gran ayuda!! You have really helped me with my Spanish.

  27. hi senor jordan, you truly deserve all the positive comments about your videos! You are so generous to make these great lessons freely available to all those who want to learn spanish. I cannot commend you enough. You are an awesome teacher. I have progressed so fast with just watching your videos!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  28. Sr. Jordan,

    Would you consider making a video of just the question words and their meanings? That would be great!!!!! Thanks for all the hard work you put into making these. They are so helpful!

  29. I am a Jamaican taking a basic Spanish 101 course.
    I have a test tomorrow and I am sure that my grades will improve because of these wonderfully prepared videos.
    Thanks for making them available to the world.

  30. I love your videos and recommend them to my English speaking friends trying to learn Spanish. i wish you would make a separate series for children. If you need help let me know. I teach Spanish to kids from K-4th grade. Please make a comment about the Ll in Spanish. I know that in Latin America the Ll sounds like a Y but not all Spanish speakers pronounce it like a Y sound. In the north of Spain for example it is pronounce like the J sound as in Jump. I over pronounce it for my kids so that they hear it.

  31. Hola,
    Gracias por todo el tiempo que usa preparando esas lecciones tan facil de entender.

    Con las lecciones ya preparadas por usted ,me ayuda puedo a

    adaptarlas a mi forma de ensenar y me ahorro mucho tiempo en buscar el vocabulario o la gramatica que uso para esas lecciones que necesito.

    Me quito el sombrero por usted:)
    Gracias, Maria Asuncion

  32. gracias Senor Jordan…
    thank u to the core for making the language so catchy and interesting 🙂
    your videos help a lot I swear ….
    Thx again …

  33. Hi, I am learning spanish and I like what you’ve done. I was wondering if you have any conversation track that I can repeatedly listen over.

    For example, you say ‘this is a general conversation about some one’s day’ then you simply have a ten minute conversation with someone in spanish. This way we get to be familiar with the conversation and how it all sounds together. We can then listen over and over.

    Cheers, Ash

  34. Hi Jordan,

    Thank you so much friend for putting all this stuff at one place. I have been looking for a spanish tutor for more than three weeks and finally i have found such a beautiful stuff i cant explain in words. Till now I have been following queondaspanish.com. Now your videos are much better than that. Hope I will be speaking good spanish in a month. Really! Thank you! Thank you!

  35. New learner @ 76 wanted to stimulate my brains and keep it active, so it is a wonderful way to learn a new language. This was very helpful. Keep up the good work. Gracias. San Antonio,. TX

  36. ¡Hola! Señor Jordan! Soy alemána y mi inglés es malo, pero aprendo de sus vídeos más que de nuestros libros de texto alemanes. Gracias por esta gran obra.

  37. Senor Jordan,
    This video is very helpful, I’ve been searching which is the best you tube video could help me, and i found your video very helpful. Fantastico, I hope you will continue helping people thru your knowledge and effort. Thank you.


  38. Señor Jordan, Hey man, I am a Canadian living in Mexico. I have been here for a year now, and I have been having a difficult time with Spanish… until I found your video lessons. What I like about them is that you actually take them on a gradient and the examples you give are just what I need. Just so you know, if it makes you feel any better, i purchased Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) all the levels, and I gave up on them because it was just too difficult for me, it was too hard — they don’t break it down like you do. Your videos are perfect. I downloaded most of them so that I can keep cycling through them as the more that I do this, the more I learn. Thanks a lot. I will donate, don’t worry!
    Regards, Phil

  39. Señor Jordan, One other question, which I forgot to ask. Is there a way that I can download all of year 1 lessons together? If not, fine.

  40. Thankyou for the lessons bro. Iam from New Zealand. It’s really helpful man…. Cool dude, take care…

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