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01 La ropa

Hola. This video lesson covers la ropa (better known as ‘clothing’). In this video we cover some common words. Some will vary on who you talk to and what country you’re in. These should be fairly understood… (see notes at bottom of post)

Enjoy the video! Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions below.

useful verb:

present llevar copy


  • la camisa – shirt
  • la camiseta – t-shirt
  • el suéter – sweater
  • la sudadera – sweatshirt
  • la chaqueta -jacket
  • los pantalones – pants
  • los jeans – jeans
  • el vestido – dress
  • los pantalones cortos – shorts
  • las medias – panty hose
  • los calcetines – socks
  • los zapatos – shoes
  • los tenis – tennis shoes
  • las sandalias – sandals
  • las chanclas – flip-flops/slippers
  • el abrigo – coat
  • el traje de baño – bathing suit
  • la ropa interior – underwear

las sandalias can be sandals or flip-flops;
chanclas are flip-flops/slippers (I believe it to be a more Mexican word in this context)

In México, some of these words might be as follows:
la camiseta => la playera
la chaqueta => la chamarra
los pantalones cortos => los chores / (el short?)

11 Responses

  1. Great stuff. I noticed one small typo – you have el traje de baño as “bathroom”, instead of “bathing suit”.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for your awesome videos. There is nothing quite like seeing the opject, hearing what it sounds like, and seeing how it is spelled all in the same forum. Finally a training regimen for the visual learners! Just one thing: “el abrigo” doesn’t appear in the word list.

  3. Thanks so much your a life saver! You saved me form faling my spanish 2 test!!!!

  4. Sr. Jordan – I teach Grade 5-8 Spanish once each week without a set curriculum and your videos save me every time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  5. I liked the video but I found the repeating the word was quite annoying for me. Other than that the video was great.

  6. Senjor Jordan,
    This lesson is really helpful. Thank you SO much! Do I always have to say el, la, los, or las in front of a noun? Thanks so much! Your Videos are very helpful!

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