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01 Possessive adjectives (part 2) – nuestro, su

¡Hola! In this video lesson, we’ll continue with the possessive adjectives and add on two more. Well, technically I guess we’re only really adding on one more since the other we already knew.

Enjoy! Leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below.

Helpful graphic:

possessive adjectives copy


  • ¿De quién es? – Whose is it? / Who does it belong to?
  • Es ____. – It is ___.
  • ¿De quién son? – Whose are they? / Who do they belong to?
  • Son ___. – They are ___.
  • el coche – car
  • el cuaderno – notebook
  • el dinero – money
  • el gato – cat
  • el libro – book
  • el perro – dog
  • el teléfono – telephone
  • el zapato – shoe
  • la camiseta – t-shirt
  • la casa – house
  • la hamburguesa – hamburger
  • la mochila – bookbag
  • la pizza – pizza
  • los calcetines – socks

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Kim McGee
3 years ago


8 years ago


12 years ago

If you please, Sr. Jordon, I would like to know if you received my holiday donation, made on Dec. 21 through your website. Last Christmas you responded, but this year I did not hear from you. Perhaps you are away for the holidays. When you get a chance, if you could check this out, I’d appreciate it. Your lessons are wonderful, and my contribution is a token of my gratitude!
Marian Steinberg,
retired high school Social Studies teacher from NY

14 years ago

quiero saber mas de ingles

14 years ago

Hey snr Jordan

I know you don’t teach the vosotros form, but what would you say for son las hamburguesas de usteades, informal (in Spain)
Would it be son las hamburguesas de vosotros o simplemente son sus hamburguesas

I’m English and go to spain regular(ish) so any help on how they might say it, would be appreciated.

Cheers Greg

Angela England
14 years ago

I have just discovered your website. Absolutely brilliant. Although I live in Spain I get very little chance to practice my spanish. I will be looking more at your lessons. They are very clear and helpful.

Caol Smith
14 years ago

A mi me gusta su lección cada vez. Este ayuda a mí con mi español. Gracias a Dios. Dios te bendiga con su misión y su educación. No hablo bueno español.


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