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01 Present Tense – Querer (to want)

Hola. In this video lesson, we’re going to cover the verb querer (to want).

Notice that in this video I only really discuss the verb meaning ‘to want’ but it could also be used as ‘to love’ with people and pets.

Juan quiere a sus padres. – Juan loves his parents.
Ellos quieren a sus gatos. – They love their cats.
(Yo) Te quiero. – I love you.

Verb conjugation chart:

present querer copy


  • comer – to eat
  • el cine – movie theater
  • el muchacho – boy
  • el profesor – professor / teacher
  • el restaurante – restaurant
  • estar de vacaciones – to be on vacation
  • hablar por teléfono – to talk on the phone
  • hacer la tarea – to do homework
  • ir – to go
  • jugar al béisbol – to play baseball
  • la chica – girl
  • la novia – girlfriend
  • la secretaria – secretary (female)
  • leer – to read
  • nuevo – new
  • pequeño – small
  • tener – to have
  • tocar la guitarra – to play guitar
  • una chaqueta – a jacket
  • una pizza – a pizza
  • un coche – a car
  • un gato – a cat
  • un millón de dólares – a million dollars
  • unos tenis – some tennis shoes.

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9 Responses

  1. Hi Senor Jordan
    Thank you for the videos! It’s really nice to learn spanish from singing songs. It’d be very great of you to keep producing spanish songs or spansih conjungation songs wtever…! Thanks a million!

  2. HI,
    Great video, it is the first time I visit your site, great work.

    Querer also means wish. ie.
    Yo quiero tener un carro nuevo = I wish have a new car.


  3. Sometimes, though fortunately not often, you put in a short phrase that you don’t translate, and no matter how many ways I try to look it up in the Spanish part of the dictionary, I can’t figure out the meaning. In this video, you say something that sounds phonetically like: “kaytokah” or maybe “taytokah.” Here’s another one: “taycordas,” which you say near the beginning.

  4. Sorry about that…. ¿Te acuerdas? means “do you remember?”

    “Te toca” or “es tu turno” mean “it’s your turn”

  5. Sr. Jordan,

    Love the videos! I see the videos on -e to -ie and -o to -ue stem-change verbs. Do you have a video on -e to -i stem changes? Did I miss it somewhere? Thank you!

  6. Los videos son fantasticos pero mi pregunta es tambien tienes las actividades en powerpoint y/o pdf, para los alumnos. Soy un profesor nuevo de espanol y necesito estas actividades por favor…

  7. UPdate wrong verb. Do you have a downloadable version for 01062 Spanish Lesson – Present Tense – Gustar (all forms) + activities ?

  8. In the lessons when he is giving us time to practice saying the sentence (he pauses) it would be helpful to leave the sentence up on the graphic. I can’t remember it long enough and he pauses with a black screen above his head.

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