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01 Vocabulario – Colores (parte 1)

¡Hola! In this video lesson, we’re going to work on los colores. Just for fun, I thought I would throw some animal names into the mix as well and we can learn how to describe them.

Leave any questions, comments or suggestions belows!

Más práctica:


  • rojo – red
  • anaranjado – orange
  • naranja – orange
  • amarillo – yellow
  • verde – green
  • azul – blue
  • morado – violet, purple
  • rosado – pink
  • rosa – pink
  • café – brown
  • marrón – brown
  • blanco – white
  • gris – grey
  • negro – black
  • el pájaro – bird
  • la serpiente – snake
  • el pez – fish
  • el mono – monkey
  • el Delfín – dolphin
  • *el pingüino – penguin
  • el pulpo – octopus
  • el elefante – elephant
  • el león – lion
  • el cerdo – pig

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8 Responses

  1. Muchas gracias Senor Jordan!

    Me gusta que los videos nuevo son hablado en Espanol! Ellos son mucho mejor en Espanol!



  2. This is fantastic – easy to understand and useful, and the pronouciation is clear. Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you for making these videos – they are much more helpful than the other videos I have come across.

    A few comments:
    You may want to edit this video at 2:10 – you ask which is blue but you already have the red block crossed out.
    You casually insert Spanish phrases in your lessons, which is great, but perhaps you could add a note with the text so your viewers can see how those words are written. I know that I am a visual learner over auditory – seeing the words helps a lot 🙂

    P.S. Your shirts are hilarious!

  4. me chinese no speak english good me teach spanish me use you videos me give thank you
    mey ching

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