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How I make my videos


I’ve been getting requests by teachers to show how I make my videos! Enjoy!

Here’s my new process:


Green screening:

Drawing videos:

Making titles:

Editing sound:

Here’s the old process:

Leave any questions, comments or suggestions below!

26 Responses

  1. Señor Jordan,
    I think that you are one cool dude! You inspire me and I bet that you inspire a lot of others too. Thank you very much for your efforts…now get back to work 🙂

  2. Señor Jordan:

    ¡Qué talentoso es usted con tan pocos recursos! Me admira de veras y mis respetos. Les pasaré su sitio güeb a dos compañeros de trabajo que están estudiando español. Les servirá de mucho sus lecciones que hasta a mí me hacen falta.

    Saludos cordiales,


  3. Thank you for taking the time of making these films. I got so tired of repeating myself in the class room (yes I teach Spanish too), so that when I found you on youtube I became very happy. Now I can refer my students to you HP. Even if you speak English, and both my students and I are Norwegians, your videos are of great help. That way they get to practice two languages at once. (By the time they start learning Spanish, their English is quite good). Keep up the good work!!! And if I have any suggestions or questions, I will let you know.

  4. man, you’re AWESOME! really appreciate your efforts for teaching. i’ve enjoyed learning basic spanish from you, and dig (haha) your teaching style. very effective!

  5. man, you’re AWESOME! really appreciate your efforts for teaching. i’ve enjoyed learning basic spanish from you, and dig (haha) your teaching style. very effective!

  6. Thank you so much for all you videos. I have been teaching myself for sometime now and your teaching style is very helpful!!!! Please don’t ever stop, Id truly be lost, lol.

  7. Jordon,

    These lessons are awesome – very very well done. You’ve inspired me to make similar lessons of my own.


  8. You are awsomoso(lo siento, yo no puede ayudo mismo…. is that right?)Anyways I wish I had found this ten years ago.
    Do you have DVDs or another site other than youtube so that I can watch it without downloading it each time?

  9. Hello Jordan,

    I posted one comment and noticed that the comments need to pass the moderation first, so writing it knowing that you can remove it because it won’t be connected with the topic of making videos.
    In some of your first videos I paid attention that you were wearing a T-shirt with KitKat. Thought that it was an advertising move but later u were wearing plain clothing. If you are interested in my idea you may try contacting some firms (any) and suggesting them to advertise their products by wearing T-shirts with the name of their product in your videos. I believe that it is possible to make some real money on it, especially with a high quality your videos have. I wonder what made you think of doing videos (would be glad to know it). Feel free to remove my comment. I would appreciate though to get a response from you. )) Viktoriya

  10. Hola Jordan!

    I have been learning Spanish for 3 months and I have already watched half of your videos. They are amazing and so professional! You couldnt have explained spanish grammar any clearer and made learning a new language more fun. Thank you so much for your great work!


  11. So i have a question… are you really spanish? if not, cause it looks like you aren’t… how are you so good??? I want to be just like you when i am older! I Love You!

  12. I am a student and I was looking for videos to help me learn as fast as I possible can and I came across your videos. Now that I am seeing all that you have to go through to make your videos, I really believe that you need some kind of financial assistance, probably you could use it to upgrade as well. You are good hearted to go through so much for FREE. I thank you. I am presently unemployed, Wish that I was able to contribute. Keep up the good work, the repetition is somehow sticking in.
    Thank you again.

  13. Sr Jordan, Thank for the great videos. My wife and I are going on a missions trip to Mexico this year for vacation and your videos are very helpful. One point I would like to make is I like the length of the videos. Not too long and not too short. Just the right length to get the information. Keep up the great work and we love the t-shirts.

  14. Jordan,

    Your videos are fabulous. Before I started procrastinating by watching videos such as this, I was studying your preterite tutorials for my Spanish 1001 test tomorrow. They are a HUGE help; thank you 🙂 Favorite video? Your ‘estar estuve’ song… hands down.

    Thanks again!

    PS: Your pure enthusiasm and desire to share knowledge freely is seriously inspiring.

  15. You should know you have one video is displayed twice instead of a green screening video.
    Great site. By the way, you should consider some (not blatant) product placement to help pay expenses.

  16. Sr. Jordan,
    Thank you so much for these videos. I am a former teacher heading back to work, and I want to make connections with my students, many of whom are from Central America. I completed the Pimsleur audio learning series in Spanish. I thought this was a good first step to develop an appropriate accent. Then I looked around at a lot of different teachers on the Internet to take it to the next level. Your lessons are the best! Your explanations of grammar and structure are clear and concise, and they are filling in a lot of blanks about things that were only touched upon in Pimsleur. I am also beginning the leveled readers by Leer En Espanol so that I can improve my vocabulary and comprehension. Not that it’s any of my business, but I wouldn’t sell chocolate bars with my tee-shirts, I’d sell other Spanish teaching tools! Pimsleur is expensive, but Leer En Espanol books are less than $15 on Amazon. I don’t know if there is another series that you would recommend??? Best wishes with your teaching and video making! And thanks again for everything you do.

  17. Hola Señor Jordan,

    Me encanta su sitio web y su entusiasmo por ayudar a los demás a aprender. No sé cuando haya sido la última vez que usted publicó un vídeo o respondió a uno de estos mensajes, pero sé que está muy ocupado. Yo estoy pensando en hacer algo similar a lo que usted hace aquí, pero creo que se necesita de mucho tiempo y varios recursos. De igual manera, lo intentaré. ¿Qué cree usted del sitio de Señor Wooly? A mí me encantaría poder usarlo, pero necesito saber con certeza que ayudará a todos mis estudiantes y no sólo a los principiantes.

    Pues bien, es todo por ahora. Buena suerte y hasta luego.

    (If you could reply at any time, either to this comment or by email, I would sincerely appreciate it. )

    Profesor B. Maldonado

  18. Sr. Jordan, hello from Russia! You’ve been very helpful so far. I’ve learnt lots of grammar aspects thanks to ur videos. And not only that, I’ve learnt how to make my personal videos. I’m a teacher of English here in Moscow and I’m thinking of starting my own videoblog devoted to English lessons for Russian users. Is it OK if I borrow some of your video technics???
    Thank you for your work!

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