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01-003 – Formal vs. Informal

In this video, we’ll be reviewing some of the basic questions from the Basic Conversation as well as discussing the two ways to say “You” in Spanish: and Usted (Ud).

is you for people we know and younger people whereas Usted is used for respect.

Hope it helps! Feel free to ask any questions below.

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28 Responses

  1. Hello I have recently been called to the mission field to Mexico. I am trying to learn Spanish and have a desire but no finances to go to language school. Am praying though. So in the mean time I will study with you. Do you have DVD’s? If so how much? Thank you so much? God Bless

  2. Hola, senor Jorden !
    when it’s becoming formal from informal, we are just adding “Ud.” at the end of the sentence. And simultaneously, some changes are happening in rest of the part os the sentence, basically the ‘Verb” one. But, now I am not getting it. what’s the rule in it? I hope, I may learn in later lessons. isn’t it?
    ! Gracias !
    ! Adios !

  3. Hey, I really like your lessons, you take it slow and repeat everything multiple times so it’s easy to remember, they’re super helpful, thanks a lot! 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m just a bit confused. So basically the verbs, “Se” & “Te” refers to “YOU” OR “HE or SHE” For example, i would ask a girl, como te llamas. But a teacher, i would say como se llama usted. Why would that be “se”? (The question I am really trying to ask,)

  5. ! hola !… I’m menna from Egypt …. I don’t know how to thak U 4 this ….
    I’ve got a bAbY quistion …. the (D) in usted is it like z with our tongue outside …
    If yessss is it in all words Or somE O0onlY ???
    Mucho gracias

  6. question how do you respond do you respond in same way or is there a different way to do it

  7. mi ellamo abdala hassan . soy de somalia . i want to learn spanish now i,m learning it some apps i download from play store spanish is my favourite language senior jordan i want to help me. mucho gracias

  8. Hi, in the discription of your videos can you please put the words in their translation.

    Cómo te llamas?
    What is your name?

    Thank You

  9. this video really helped me understand the spanish easier and i took a lot of ntes to study with

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