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01-008 – Days of the Week

Hola a todos. This video goes over the days of the week. As is mentioned in the video, notice they are not capitalized and the week in Spanish tends to start on Monday.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to let me know. Gracias.

Vocabulario del video:
(el) lunes – (on) Monday
(el) martes – (on) Tuesday
(el) miércoles – (on) Wednesday
(el) jueves – (on) Thursday
(el) viernes – (on) Friday
(el) sábado – (on) Saturday
(el) domingo – (on) Sunday

los lunes / martes/ miércoles / etc – On Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays, etc

¿Qué dí­a es hoy? – What is today?
Hoy es ____. Today is ___.

¿Qué dí­a es mañana? – What is tomorrow?
Mañana es ___. – Tomorrow is ___.

Más prácticas

  1. Click here for practice with flashcards!
  2. Días de la semana (Days of the Week)

31 Responses

  1. I think that your videos are just wonderful. It is like having a teacher right in the room. My husband and I love the way you teach and make it so plain and easy to understand. Thanks so much for teaching us spanish.

    Carol & Willie R.

  2. Thanks for watching Carol and Willie and for your kind words! Let me know if there’s anything unclear in a video or ever something I can clarify for you!

  3. thanks for your very useful lessons, i’ve just found your website. I find it helpful to watch your mouth form the words as I go through each lesson!

  4. Hola Senor Jordan,

    Thank you so much for sharing these powerful teaching lessons! I’ve just arrived to Costa Rica with NO Spanish whatsoever, however, thanks to daily doses of your brilliant lessons, I am improving and adding new vocabulary every single day. It feels amazing actually. I am really able to remember many phrases and words from your vids and am already (after 2 weeks) starting to get into a basic coversation with the locals.

    Once again thank you for all the vids, you have a true teaching talent!

    Best Wishes


  5. Great effort … excellent teaching skills ! I’m planning my first trip to south america next summer. Your videos are just so beautiful and easy to follow. I’m so grateful. Many thanx.

    Saudi Arabia

  6. Hola snr Jordan, thanks for making these awsome videos they have really helped me alot with my spanish. Watching this helped me remember the days of the week, but just though i’d ask. Whats different with staring with Monday, in what country do they not start the week on Monday?

    Cheers Greg


  7. Thank you so much for your videos. I spent time and money in a language school in Spain. It was so frustrating. Your explanations are wonderful. For example, the ‘enta’ ending in counting. It sure beats attempting to memorizing which is not the way to learn a language.

  8. I have just come across your web-site and i’it very useful .. i started learning spanish 2 weeks ago and I found very easy for me cos my first language is Italian.. 🙂

  9. Hola Senor Jordan!
    I noticed that when you say “jueves”, it sounds like you say the “j” with a “q” sound. Is it supposed to be like that? Also, Is the the “v” in “viernes” pronounced like a “b”? It sorta sounds like that. I really like your site!
    Gracias for your help!

  10. Your site is so awesome. I’ve been learning Spanish for only a couple of weeks. In exchange i’m teaching English. The way you structure the lessons is just so perfect.

    When putting myself in the position of being the teacher I realise just how difficult it is to break the language down into useable, memorable lessons. You have done this extremely well. Also, this is the first set of slides I have seen you do. These are also very, very well done.

    Thanks heaps, Ash

  11. Hi Senor Jordan
    Thanks for doing spanish. I really enjoy it now and it is fun. Thanks and I have some questions.
    1. how do you say jueves? i think its like this: tell me if I’m right: wavasus
    2. is lunes pronnounced like this?: luanuas
    Ecka Vested

  12. Gracias, Sr. Jordan! Your lessons are really easy to comprehend and are really helping me learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. Keep up the great work, mate! Cheers!

    Daniel Pàvlov,

  13. Hola Sr. Jordan, me encantan tus lecciones y las quiero usar en mi salon de clase. Yo soy Mexicana y enseno espanol en Minnesota. Trabajo en una escuela catolica privada y enseno a ninos de K a 6 grado. La forma en que explicas las cosas en muy sencilla y ademas facil de entender. Tengo preguntas para ti:
    tienes algun material interactivo? tienes examines u fichas de vocabulario? Por favor dejame saber, muchisimas gracias por tus videos!!!!

  14. Very wonderfully put! Your lessons and videos are amazing! I’ve been learning for 2 months now and was dreading getting stuck on the verbs because most just teach memorization. Your videos have helped me to understand immensely, plus I remember them by the way you teach it!
    Thank you so very much for all your time and much hard work that goes into these videos and lessons!! Your clarification and space are amazing too! Love your style and everything about them, makes it so much easier! I am an excellent translator but not good at all in the spoken language, not the pronouncing part of it but in coming up with the words to say sentences…sure that will come with practice, practice. Would never have understood so well if no Sr. Jordan 🙁 Thank you for all you do!!

  15. Thanks! These videos really help me with Spanish. I live in New Mexico, so it’s kinda important to know Spanish.

  16. Thanks for your video. I am new to Spanish and this helps a lot. This is a wonderful way to learn to translate english to spanish for my family if need be

  17. Thank you! The video was great I wrote down notes so that I will remember or so I can go to them when I am trying to speak spanish. I have only been doing spanish for 3 weeks and I am picking up some word and numbers pretty well. Thank you for all of your help! I am looking for forward to watching more of your videos.

    Sincerely, Alicia Lethco

  18. Hola
    this video helped thanks! your really good at teaching :3 im also learning russian along with spanish and ASL. hope you have a great week!

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