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So if you have been linking my vids to your curriculum or simply have bookmarked certain videos, you’ll notice that they will now take you to the front page instead of the video.

I realized that the old system needed to be updated to remove the date from the URL since those weren’t relevant. I never meant to have the blog for 8 years and I am so thankful to you all for sticking with me! Please forgive me for any inconvenience this causes you (grande o pequeña)!

If you don’t mind updating your urls and continuing to use the site to learn from and also to refer others to learn with, I appreciate you!

¡Lo siento!

su siervo,

“Señor Jordan”

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  1. Jordan: Love your stuff! I teach Spanish 2 and refer to your videos for almost all new grammatical concepts. Was wondering if you have anything on “relative pronouns”? I tried looking on YouTube and couldn’t find a thing and as best as I’m trying to teach the kids, they still get confused with why sometimes “que” can be used with people. Are there any absolute “hacks” you can share with me that would help my students?

  2. Hola, Sr. Jordan! I’m helping my son with his Spanish II lessons this summer, and I love your videos. They’re very educational, and very entertaining at the same time. It has been 36 years since I took Spanish in high school, but I’m amazed at how much of it I still remember. Your teaching skills remind me of those of my instructor. I’m sure your students consider you to be their favorite teacher. Thank you for your contributions to education!
    Roger H., Smyrna TN

  3. Thanks for your time. If you had been my teacher in high school I wouldn’t have received a d. Now I get complements on my Spanish but people are just being polite. I am learning a lot. Btw I am 68 years old.

  4. Hola Sr. Jordan! I teach Spanish at a Community College in California. I use some of your videos in my classes. My students love them! I noticed that most of the videos do not have closed captioning. I know adding captions is very time consuming, however it greatly helps students using assistive technologies (508 compliance). May I have your permission to submit some of your videos to 3C Media solutions so they can add closed captions? Thank you very much for all your hard work and contribution to education!

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