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01-030 Preposición – Con

Hola. In this video lesson we’ll be going over the preposición (preposition): con.

Con means ‘with’ and is fairly simple to use. We can basically just place any noun after con to mean ‘with [noun]’. There are two words that don’t follow any rhyme or reason though. Well they do rhyme. So I’ll give them that.

conmigo (with me); contigo (with you)

Hope the video is helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions about this video lesson.

conmigo – with me
contigo – with you (familiar)
con Él – with him
con ella – with her
con usted – with you (formal)
con nosotros – with us
con nosotras – with us (females)
con ellos – with them
con ellas – with them (females)
con ustedes – with you all

el profesor – teacher
la profesora – teacher (female)
los estudiantes – students
los animales – animals
el inglés – English
las matemáticas – math
el arte – art
la televisión – television / tv
ir – to go
la fiesta – party
mis amigos – my friends
estudiar – to study
cantar – to sing
hablar (por teléfono) – to talk (on the phone)
practicar deportes – to practice sports
tocar la guitarra – to play guitar
cocinar – to cook
el cine – the movies/movie theater
los chicos – boys
las chicas – girls
quién – who?
la escuela – school

7 Responses

  1. Senor Jordan,
    Why are there spaces between con and ella and con ellos (etc.)? You are great!

  2. Profe –
    I LOVE your videos. Excellent reinforcements and review for students! In your future videos, might you include estar + prepositions? I see that you address estar + places but, it would be helpful if you could add preposition words with places. Thank you for all that you do!

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