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Using De + possessed objects!

I’ve been wanting to make a video for a long time on how we use “de” for possessions since in English we say, “[person]’s ___” and in Spanish it’s a little different. Enjoy!

Please leave any questions or comments related to the video below.

And have a great “de“! 😉

Included at the end of the video!

8 Responses

  1. I am 62 years old and starting to learn Spanish.I like the way you explain the lesson”s, they are easy to follow and interesting. Keep up the good work

  2. I have enjoyed all resources you have so generously given over the years. Than you very much!!

  3. My daughter and I are watching your videos to learn Spanish. We love the way that you teach and make Spanish fun and easy to learn. I am creating a vocabulary “book” from the videos and word banks so that we can review and practice. Please continue to put the word banks on your website under the videos so it is easier to review the words. Thank you for your videos!

  4. I absolutely love the cute little cartoons!! So much better then listening to someone drone on and on about Spanish. Plus, it makes the words stick. Muchos gracias!!

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