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Weather Song – Canción del tiempo y el clima

Here’s a song to help with some phrases over weather in Spanish! Enjoy and feel free to sing along!

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Note that some places will differ in usage:

  1. “Hace fresco” might also be “Está fresco” in some places.
  2. “Está bonito afuera” might also be “Hace buen tiempo” in some places.
  3. “Está feo afuera” might also be “Hace mal tiempo” in some places.
  4. “¿Qué tiempo hace?” might be any of the following:
    • “¿Cómo está el clima”
    • “¿Cómo está el tiempo?”
    • “¿Qué tal el clima?”
    • “¿Qué tal el tiempo?”
    • “¿Qué tal está afuera?”

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  1. Can you please share the guitar chords? My son learnt this song at school and it would be nice to play it at home

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