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01 Comparisons (part 1) – más/menos__que

Hola. In this video lesson we’re going to be learning how to compare things that are unequal! To do that, we’ll need más (more), menos (less), que (than) and a whole lot of alligators!


General formulas for comparing in Spanish (click image to see larger version):

01 comparisons (part 1) graphic


01 present tense - ser
01 present tense - estar


descripciones (descriptions):
  • aburrido(s)/aburrida(s) – bored, boring
  • alto(s) / alta(s) – tall
  • bajo(s) / baja(s) – short
  • bonito(s)/bonita(s) – pretty, beautiful
  • contento(s)/contenta(s) – happy
  • delgado(s) / delgada(s) – thin
  • *deportista(s) – athletic
  • feo(s) / fea(s) – ugly, unattractive
  • gordo(s) / gorda(s) – fat
  • grande(s) – big
  • gracioso(s)/graciosa(s) – silly, goofy
  • guapo(s) / guapa(s) – handsome, attractive
  • inteligente(s) – smart, intelligent
  • paciente(s) – patient
  • perezoso(s)/perezosa(s) – lazy
  • pobre(s) – poor
  • rico(s)/rica(s) – rich
  • serio(s)/seria(s) – serious
  • trabajador(es)/trabajadora(s) – hard-working
  • triste(s) – sad

sustantivos (nouns):

  • el gato – the cat
  • la casa – the house
  • la clase – class
  • la novia – the girlfriend
  • la historia – the history
  • la playa – the beach
  • las chicas – girls
  • los amigos – the friends
  • los elefantes – elephants
  • los ratones – mice
  • nosotros = we, us

otro (other):

  • de – of, from
  • nuestro(s)/nuestra(s) – our
  • ¿qué? – what?
  • su(s) – his, her, your (formal), their, your (plural)

*while deportista is often used as a noun, it can be used as an adjective to describe people who are athletic / sporty

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Jayne Higgins
3 years ago

This video is very helpful and I especially like all of the practice; however, it was impossible to read the responses/answers because the name of the video, 01 Spanish Lesson Unequal Comparisons, superimposed over the responses.

Nathan G
7 years ago

Señor Jordan, ¡me gustan tus videos! Soy un estudiante de Señora Miller, y cuando no sé el contenido, veo un video. Me ayuden en la clase de Español III mucho. ¡Muchas gracias!

Ed D.
7 years ago

Love your videos! Hope you’ll compile them or write a text. I noticed a frequently made error – in English, no less.

“They are more intelligent than us.” I think it should be “They are more intelligent than we (are).”

Hannah S
8 years ago

Hello! I appreciate your videos. Could you please upload some more of them to teachertube? Youtube is blocked at my school and I am unable to use your wonderful resources for my students. Thanks so much!

Roberto Magras
8 years ago

Me enchante tu escribires, tu es mas embarasado de lovie tu agosto muchio!

Sra. O
11 years ago

¡Hola Sr. Jordan! Muchísimas gracias por tus videos… me encantan! It would be awesome if you could make a video with words and phrases that go with ordering in a restaurant. And one about idioms… “sopa de tu propio chocolate”…”echar la casa por la ventana” …your work is amazing, gracias! Sra. O

11 years ago

Good work as always, and very timely, as I am now in SPA 102 and comparatives are the current assignment.

God Bless!


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