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01 Las descripciones físicas (physical descriptions)

¡Hola!  In this video lesson we’ll be learning how to describe people physically.  That is, we’ll be able to talk about their basic attractiveness and body shape as well as their ojos and pelo.  In this video, we use some forms of tener and ser.  Check out the present tense videos on tener.  Check back in a few weeks for a video on ser in the present tense.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below this video!

Gracias por ver el video.

tiene pelo rubio – s/he has blond hair
es rubio / es rubia – he is blond / she is blond
tiene el pelo casta̱o Рs/he has chestnut brown hair
tiene el pelo caf̩ Рs/he has brown hair
tiene el pelo negro – s/he has black hair
tiene el pelo canoso – s/he has grey hair
tiene canas – s/he has grey hair
tiene el pelo blanco – s/he has white hair
tiene el pelo rojo – s/he has red hair
es pelirrojo / es pelirroja – he is a red head / she is a red head
es calvo – he is bald
tiene los ojos azules – s/he has blue eyes
tiene los ojos verdes – s/he has green eyes
tiene los ojos negros – s/he has black eyes
tiene los ojos marrones – s/he has brown eyes
tiene los ojos caf̩s (de color caf̩) Рs/he has brown eyes
es alto / es alta – he is tall / she is tall
es bajo / es baja – he is short / she is short
es gordo / es gorda – he is fat / she is fat
es delgado / es delgada – he is thin / she is thin
es guapo – he is handsome
es bonita – she is pretty
es feo / es fea – he is ugly / she is ugly
es joven – s/he is young
es viejo / es vieja – he is old / she is old
tiene una barba – he has a beard
tiene un bigote – he has a mustache
es blanco / es blanca – he is white / she is white
es negro / es negra – he is black / she is black
es moreno / es morena* – he is dark-skinned / she is dark-skinned

*moreno/morena might also be used for people of African ancestry.

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9 Responses

  1. Hey Señor Jordan, very helpful video once again.

    Describing people is quite common so why not learn how to express this verbally in Spanish! You’ve made it easy for us to remember these basic physical descriptions with the use of ojos and pelo in addition to the verb forms ‘tener’ and ‘ser’.

    Great job!

  2. can you explain how the gerundio works in mexico spanish? I know estar and infinite.
    But not the others like, esa fantasma es muy ateradora. dora??
    Escapar de la carcel es imposible.

  3. Hi Jordan. Are there less-offensive alternatives to “gordo” and “bajo” that are commonly used in Mexico? Keep up the good work!

  4. Hola!!
    Que gran dedicación muestras en todos tus videos.
    Muchísimas felicidades por tu excelente trabajo, nos ayuda mucho.
    Soy de el Distrito Federal y actualmente estoy enseñando español en E.U.

    Les recomendaré tu sitio y videos a mis estudiantes.
    Mucha suerte!

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