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Describing people physically in Spanish!

Here’s a new video with Cartoony Señor Jordan that goes over some of the common forms of ser (to be) in context with different physical description words!

And there is a word bank at the end of the video if it helps!

Enjoy! And leave any comments below!

Helpful graphic: (click to enlarge)


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13 Responses

  1. This video is fantastic!!! We use your videos to introduce new material; numbers, colors, etc. We are on descriptions this week and we watched this today and it is just perfect! It reinforces the ser conjugations and really makes the use of the descriptions so clear! Thank you, Thank you! Great job!!
    P.S. The Zombies were the best part.

  2. Hola! Senor Jordan,
    What a lesson! Not only I learned a lot, I enjoyed the cartons, the voices, and background music. The summary pages at end are very helpful. I “snipped” the screen and save them away for reviewing.
    Thanks so much for teaching us,

  3. Senor Jordan,

    I have been learning Spanish for a little over a year now and everything is progressing at a steady pace except my ability to understand native Spanish speakers when they are speaking Spanish. I live in Mexicali half of the week, so this something that I would like to be proficient at but I am not. I can only understand a few words here and there. Part of it might be a lack of vocabulary knowledge but when people simply just slow down their speech I can understand most of what they are saying. Do you have any tips and advice for us gringos to tune our ears to understand Spanish auditorily?

    Muchas Gracias,


  4. Senor Jordon,
    I’ve been studying Spanish with Pimsleaur audio CDs which have been great, but also I need more explanation of grammar, etc. I’m now taking a class and the instructor suggested your videos as extra resources. I am so delighted to discover them. You do a fantastic job of creating short lessons that are not only entertaining, but also with just the right amount of visual & auditory repetition to make the concepts and vocabulary really stick! Thanks so much!
    I agree with the Homeschooling Mama above that the zombies were the BEST – so unexpected and funny that it made me laugh out loud.
    Your students must really love you!
    God bless!

  5. I really enjoy your videos, but I prefer seeing the real people, vs. cartoons!! Gracias!

  6. I love your videos and have used them personally as well as in the classroom. I am an international teacher and would just like to point out that culturally, some things that might be insulting to us “gringos” lol are not necessarily so in ie most Latin American countries. For example, in this video, you use gorda/gordo to describe people who are overweight. In Panama for example, that is endearing. Possibly because if you are gorda/gordo, possibly it is perceived that you have the money for enough food to get that way. Also, you would never call “hey negro” to a black friend in the states but here, it is simply a way to identify who you want. They really don’t get our problem with that. I love it. Keep em coming!

  7. Senor Jordan,
    I’ve been taking Spanish for two years now and I’ve gotten a lot better ever since I started at a slow and sometimes fast pace. This video will help a lot because these skills are important to use

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