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01-035 present tense – tener

¡Hola! This video lesson covers the incredibly useful verb tener in the present tense. Tener means ‘to have’ and in this video we’ll go over its basic usage.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions about this video!


un problema – problem
los chicos – boys
las novias – girlfriends
el profesor – teacher
mucho – a lot, much
el libro – book
la señora – woman, lady
el dinero – money
el coche – car
una calculadora – calculator
una pregunta – question
la manzana – apple
una guitarra – guitar
una piscina – pool
un bolígrafo – pen

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15 Responses

  1. hola srjordan

    welcome back. i hope you’re done with your thesis. i’m very happy that you have uploaded a new videos for us learners…

    hoy es la primera dia de la semana santa aqui en filipinas. ( i hope my spanish is right [jajaja]).

    otra vez, muchas gracias a usted.

  2. At 0:42 you use the word “coches”, but I don’t remember seeing this word previously. Please add it to the word list below the video. Thanks again for making these. They are are awesome!

  3. I came upon your website quite by accident. I did Spanish many light years ago, but was always interested in the language. I made a decision to start learning it again, since my current situation demands it. It is like learning to ride a bicycle all over again. Your site is very informative — in fact, the best I’ve come across so far. Your accent is quite good, and you seem to have a very good command of the language. I’ve played a few of the videos and find them rather educational. I Look forward to learning more. Thank you for your time and effort. Que Dios te bendiga and te guarde!

  4. I hadn’t yet seen a comment on this, but I’m sure most of us online students particularly like your…
    t-shirt collection! :-))

  5. Hola, Sr. Jordan!

    Lo felicito por su extraordinario trabajo! Sus videos e información son muy utiles en la sala de clases donde se enseña español como segundo idioma.

    ¿Quisiera saber si me da su permiso para usar su “site” en el sitio que uso con mis estudiantes de escuela superior aqui en Virginia Beach?

    Gracias de antemano,
    y abrazos,


  6. HAY people don’t worry i may be in a computer but don’t worry i can’t breath and I’m blue and purple but I’m a ok! Maybe! is there a doctor in the computer? Help me. Now its time to panic!
    (Nice website by the way)

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