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02 Imperfect – Irregulars – ir, ser, ver

Hola. This video lesson covers the three irregular verbs in the imperfect tense. The verbs are ir (to go), ser (to be) and ver (to see). Enjoy!

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la escuela – school
el cine – movie theater
el viernes – (on) Friday
el amigos – friend
las chicas – girls
bajo – short
cada – each
mañana – morning
mi(s) – my
los abuelos – granparents
siempre – always
las cosas – things
en – in
las nubes – clouds
antes – before, beforehand
el profesor – the teacher, professor
antipático – unpleasant
muchos/muchas – lots, many
las personas – people
por aquí­ – around here
de niño / de niña – as a child
el parque – the park
muy – very
atrevido – brave, adventurous
el miércoles – (on) Wednesday
a – to
el zoológico – the zoo


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9 Responses

  1. Hello –

    I am learning Spanish and I find you videos very useful!! Thanks so much. I want to download them all. How many different videos do you have?
    I want to make sure I get them all!

  2. Dear Sr. Jordan
    I really enjoy your videos, I happened to watch them from a Chinese website.
    and I really want to keep up learning it, so I found your amazing websites here, but I can’t watch the videos, can you help me? here in China, we can’t reach youtube either.

    love from

  3. I have been living in Mexico for two and a half years. I have used other sites to learn Spanish but few are helpful, especially for the Spanish spoken in Mexico. Your teachings are excellent and far superior to others I’ve used. My wife, which is Mexican, has viewed several of your teachings and says they are extremely accurate. Things are making more sense to me now and you have made it a pleasure to study Spanish again.
    Thank You So Much,

  4. Hi!
    I’m japanese.
    I started learning spanish from this year.
    Your video lesson is the best!
    I watched all of them.
    I learned a lot from you.Thanks!
    I want you to make a lesson of subjunctive mood.
    That’s the most difficult part for me.
    I’m looking forward of your next video!

  5. Hola!Profesor Jordan!

    Me llamo Nikki,Soy de Tailandia!,Fist of all I wanna thank you for great videos!,It’s help me to learn spanish more than mi profesor en el universidad!,I’ve to download all of your video for study with my text book! (Hope you don’t mind)

    Keep you great work!

    Cheer and support!


  6. Love your videos very much! I can’t wait to see and learn your new videos.
    Saludos de las filipinas…


  7. I am using your videos along with my classroom curriculum this year as reinforcement of the grammar content. Love having you as a part of our classroom. It is good for my students to see and hear it from someone other than myself. You do a great job! Just thought that you should know 🙂

  8. Hello,

    I enjoy your videos very much as do my students. However, I have found a problem with this one, Imperfect Irregulars, ir, ser, ver. The link does not work. Would it be possible for you to fix it?

    Thank you for your help.

    Kim Bishop

  9. Hola señor! Love your work I use a lot of your videos in my classes and they make life much easier where students can follow and comprehend facilmente mil gracias otra vez y dios te bendiga.

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