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02 Preterite vs. Imperfect

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  1. You do a wonderful job. I really enjoyed the preterit and imperfect. Its just what I have been working on. Also enjoyed the story. You made it come alive. Perfecto!!! Just waiting for the next story. Also was a good idea to put the story down to be able to read it first. It really helped to find the imperfect. Thank you so very much. You are really appreciated by me as well as others. Your personality and smile fit all your viedos. Please don’t give up on us with your busy life. This is the first place I come to now when I get on the computer. Y adios.

  2. Hola Senor Jordan,
    After a loong wait, you’re back!! And we’re back in class!! Vamos!! Good to see you again, am so excited with the coming videos. Cant thank you enough 🙂

  3. Hola, Soy Claudio de Corea del Sur. Muchas grascias por su clase. Es la primera vez para mi visitar este sitio de web y ver el video. Pude aprender mas claramente la diferencia del uso de imperfecto y preterito. Grascia otra vez por su esfuerzo. Chau.

  4. You are the most wonderful teacher, Senor Jordan! I hope you become a multimillionaire! Thank you so much!

  5. Your videos are so clear and concise that I recommend this site to anyone I come in contact with who is learning Spanish or are a bit more advanced and they tell me that your videos clear up a lot of the confusion they have. I feel the same way. Your instructions for the preterite vs imperfect have really helped. So perhaps you can do a video on the subjunctive? Commands are no problem for me or the specific phrases or verbs that I know will cause the subjunctive to be used, but the rest? Aahh!!!

  6. Dear Senor Jordan,
    You are not only an excellent Spanish teacher but also one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen in my education life (about 17 years). I bow respectfully before all your efforts.

    And regarding the lecture above, I have a little question: You said that “Se llamaba Nicolas” literally means “He called himself Nicholas”. What about saying “He was called Nicholas”. Can the sentence be translated to English in both ways?

  7. Señor Jordan,

    You are awesome. Keep up the videos. I have been studying spanish for a few years now and just accepted this as something I would never fully get. I watched this video and it all clicked for me. I have to go do an in class writing soon, and I feel like I am going to kill it now.

    Thank you, keep doing what you are doing! You deserve more credit for this.

  8. Thank you, Señor Jordan. I always recommend your videos to my students. MUCHAS MUCHAS GRACIAS.

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