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02 Preterite – Irregulars – Poder

This video covers another irregular verb in the preterite: poder (to be able, can). This verb is most popular with my students in such present tense phrases as ‘¿Puedo ir al baño?‘ (Can I go to the bathroom?) o ‘¿Puedo ir a la fuente de agua?‘ (Can I go to the water fountain?). But of course those aren’t really useful in this video since we’re going over the preterite (a past tense) of poder.

Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this video!If you’re having problems with the preterite, why not check out the preterite conjugation sheet?

conjugation chart:

preterite poder copy

bailar – to dance
bien – well
caminar – to walk
cocinar – to cook
¿Cómo? – How?
con – with
dormirse – to fall asleep
el bebé – baby
el viernes – (on) Friday
entender – to understand
eso – that (neutral)
gratis – free (no cost)
hablar – to talk, speak
hablar por teléfono – to talk on the telephone
hacer – to do, make
hoy – today
ir al cine – to go to the movies (movie theater)
la abuela – grandmother, grandma, granny
las muchachas – girls
la tarea – homework
los amigos – friends
los muchachos – boys
los estudiantes – the students
mi(s) – my
nadar – to swim
no – no
salir -to leave, go out
su(s) – his, her, their
trabajar – to work
visitar – to visit

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4 Responses

  1. Hi I am really appreciating your work! I took 3 years of spanish in high school and have been getting bu working with Mexicans and visiting latin America for 30 years ,yes I am old. Now I have moved to Costa rica and need to up the bar. I am finding these videos helpful !
    My question is when i learned in high school to ask a question ,I was taught to say” tienes tu la pluma. ” I have always done that put the verb then the person after for a question. I notice in your videos you do not .Que pasa con este?

  2. Your videos are awesome!!! I really appreciate this resource. I’m broke right now but will definitely donate when I can.

  3. Dear Jordan,

    I enjoy your lessons. You work is a real treasure for those that wish to learn Spanish!
    Although we greeks are having some difficulties I will be glad to contribute as a small token of appreciation to your work. Please, inform me how?
    Keep well stay healthy

    Yiannis , professor of chemistry Athen university ,retired

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