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02 Preterite Regular IR verbs

Hola. In this video lesson, we’ll be covering the preterite (past) tense of regular -IR verbs. Please note that if a verb is a stem changer and an -IR, this video will not apply to it. Enjoy!

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions pertaining to this video!

Check out the preterite conjugation sheet if you’d like a summary of the preterite!

Conjugation chart:

preterite vivir copy

vivir – to live
viví­ – I lived
viviste – you lived
vivió – he/she/you (formal) lived
vivimos – we lived
vivieron – they lived
describir – to describe
escribir – to write
recibir – to receive
asistir a – to attend
occurir – to occur/happen
sufrir – to suffer

de – of, from
el coche – the car
el ensayo – essay
el examen – test/exam
el restaurante – restaurant
en – in
favorito – favorite
la clase de inglés – English class
la universidad – college
los abuelos – grandparents
los estudiantes – the students
mucho – much, a lot
una carta – a letter


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3 Responses

  1. I am tring to figure out why you have an “a” in….. Nosotros asistimos “a” la universidad. I know its not a personal “a”… Can you help me?

  2. Well, some verbs have something extra that is required after them… asistir is one of them… when you attend a place or an event… you need to have the ‘a’ after it. There is no direct translation in English.

    -Sr. J

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