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02 Preterite Regular ER verbs

Hola a todos. In this lesson, we’ll be continuing with the preterite. This time, we’re covering regular -er verbs. But just like with -ar verbs, the -er stem changers can be lumped into this group as well. Irregulars are a completely different story and those will eventually be covered! Enjoy!

Let me know if this video lesson was helpful. Also, questions/comments/suggestions are welcome!

Check out the preterite conjugation sheet if you’d like a summary of the preterite!

Conjugation chart:

preterite comer copy


yo comí­ – I ate
tú comiste – you ate
Él comió – he ate
ella comió – she ate
usted comió – you (formal) ate
nosotros comimos – we ate
nosotras comimos – we (females) ate
ellos comieron – they ate
ellas comieron – they (females) ate
ustedes comieron – you all ate

– to learn
beber – to drink
comer – to eat
comprender – to understand
correr – to run
creer – to believe
devolver (o-ue) – to return [something]
entender (e-ie) – to understand
leer – to read
perder (e-ie) – to lose
romper – to break
vender – to sell
volver (o-ue) – to return

el libro = book
mucho – a lot
el problema – the problem
rápido – fast
la casa – house
la ventana – window


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WeLcOmE tO cHiLi'S
5 years ago

who else flexin on dis video in 2019

6 years ago

bois-dis video be like hard to uundersatnd tho

8 years ago

Yo, this video is fire. So helpful dood.

13 years ago

Thank you Sr. Jordan! You helped me in understanding the verb conjugating and for watching your videos my teacher is giving me Extra Credit!

Linda Taylor
13 years ago

Senor Jordan,

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for years but the past tense completely tripped me up repeatedly!

Your lessons are the best I’ve found. I’ve been through about 25 courses in my life.

As soon as I cease being unemployed, I’m sending you a really good donation!

Thank you so much!

Linda Taylor

14 years ago

Sr. Jordan saved me from failing my spanish final. my spanish teacher is useless.
Thank you soo much!!! U da bomb!!

15 years ago

Wow…best online source of spanish lessons I have seen. I understand your lessons crystal clear. Great job! ( I wish I could rewind myself back to highschool spanish and check out your class haha).

Ben King
15 years ago

do i get 5 points for watching this?

15 years ago

The video went really fast but I went back a couple times and wrote down all the examples. I also wrote down the vocab. It was helpful and the video allowed me to understand the concepts.

Jessica Christian
15 years ago

The video helped a lot! I printed out the vocab to study. 🙂

15 years ago

The Video was helpful and i understood it well.

Yo compredi el vocabulario rapido.

15 years ago

Soo watched the video twice first time was confusing but got it the second time..
Wrote down vocab on notecards.

Sarah Draughon
15 years ago

I watched the video and wrote down the vocab for notes.

Mark Beck
15 years ago

I watched the movie and noted the new material and I also printed out the vocab

Spencer Herron
15 years ago

i understood a bit of what the guy is saying. printed off the list just to study over break if i need to and just as a small dictionary.

15 years ago

Watched the movie and took some notes.

Tiffany Williams
15 years ago

The video was helpful with conjucations. I wrote the vocab down to learn from later. I liked how he gave a lot of examples to help better understand the concepts.


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