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02 Preterite AR verbs

In this video lesson, we’ll be starting to learn how to do the preterite tense. The preterite is a past tense that deals with finished actions.
The present tense = I talk, I am talking,
Preterite = I talked.

There will be plenty more videos on this verb tense coming!

Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions!

Check out the preterite conjugation sheet if you’d like a summary of the preterite!

Conjugation chart:

preterite ayudar copy

ayudar – to help
bailar – to dance
cantar – to sing
enseñar – to teach
estudiar – to study
hablar – to speak, talk
nadar – to swim
necesitar – to need
tocar – to play (an instrument)
trabajar – to work
visitar – to visit

la abuela – grandmother
el dinero – money


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3 years ago

lol its 2020

5 years ago

great videos

7 years ago

Senor Jordan, these videos are amazing! Thank you for sharing your love for Spanish and your ability to teach with the world. <3

Paula Michael
7 years ago

Estimado Senor Jordan,
Me encantan sus videos. Soy profesora de castellano y sus videos me han ensenado como explicar la gramatica mejor! Siempre se los recomiendo a mis estudiantes, Muchisimas gracias por su excelente labor.
Muy agradecida,
Profesora Michael

7 years ago

Hey there! I’m so glad I stumbled across your page! I am actually a missionary in San Salvador, El Salvador! It’s so cool that you traveled there (recently?) as a translator! The church I work with here hosts around 15 mission teams from the States each year, and we use local youth as translators!

annnnyyywhoooo…I moved here in April (5 months ago!) with only super basic Spanish and I am learning 98% by immersion. My Spanish abilities have skyrocketed, but I definitely still need help. I have a lesson with a teacher once a week, but that doesn’t seem to be helping much with my verb conjugations. SO THIS IS AWESOME!

annnnyyywhoooo (again)…I don’t think the link under your video here for the preterite conjugation sheet is linking correctly. Ayudame porfa!!!

Gracias por todo!

8 years ago

How do we know the difference with canto, doesnt that mean both “i sing” and “he sang”

Annalyn Reed
10 years ago

I love all of your vids, they are so easy to understand!! 🙂

10 years ago

This is a great sight! I am having some trouble in Spanish 2, but once i started to watch your videos they helped me a lot.

cy kappelman
11 years ago

your vocabulary list is in the wrong order from what you said. but anywase i realy like your videos; they actualy help me alot

12 years ago

Great website…. ive been looking for something like this and this is better than any other i have seen. thanks!

14 years ago

I don’t have any spanish subject in school but I was able to learn a little bit because of your videos. Good Job! :0

14 years ago

The visuals …different colors and such are making my learning process 100x better. I really can’t express how much I appreciate it!

jeff the dog
14 years ago

I know this is for intended for Latin American Spanish but i find this the best learning there is online.
Please could you add the vosotros as there are some european students here who will need this when travelling to Spain.
Many thanks

Heidi Shaw
14 years ago

After years of trying to learn Spanish, i am finally learning because of you! And you make it fun! Thank you Heidi Shaw

15 years ago

This is a great sight! I’m just starting off as a Spanish teacher and was looking for a song that practices “ir” in the preterite. There is a song called “El Taxista”. If your interested, I could find it for you.


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