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02 Preterite – Irregulars – venir

This video lesson covers venir (to come). Venir is of course another irregular verb in the preterite. In this video, I also mention that whenever a verb has any irregular inside of it due to a prefix, the verb follow the pattern of the irregular.
Ex: suponer, mantener, detener, prevenir, etc


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conjugation chart:

preterite venir copy

mi(s) – my
los amigos – friends
su(s) – his, her, your, their
la novia – girlfriend
la fiesta – party
nadie – no one
la clase – class
de – of, from, about
biología – biology
ayer – yesterday
a – to
el baile – dance
con – with
la casa – house

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5 Responses

  1. The only thing tjat confuses me are he,se,te,ti&si could u make a video about how u use them that would be cool

  2. Nadie vino a la classe de biologio. Why is there “a la” in the sentence? Im guessing it would be similiar to… “to go” example…. Ellos van a la tienda….

  3. Randy,
    ‘a’ is often used in reference to motion… as in… to go to or to come to a place. In this case, “no one came TO the biology class” that’s why the “a” is needed.

    -Sr. J

  4. El ejemplo…no one came to biology class. Why was.. nadie vino a la clase de biologia, instead of…nadie vinieron a la clase de biologia?

    Isn´t nobody came to the class, the same as they all didn´t come to the class?

    Gracias por su ayudar

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