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02 Preterite – Irregular – ver and dar

This video lesson covers ver (to see) & dar (to give). Both of these are of course irregular verbs in the preterite.


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conjugation charts:

preterite ver copy

preterite dar copy

un perro – dog (male)
el restaurante – restaurant
los regalos – presents
para – for
la Navidad – Christmas
mi(s) – my
tu(s) – your
te – to you, for you
le – to him, her, you (formal) / for him, her, you (formal)
nos – to us, for us
les – to them, you all / for them, you all
los padres – parents
me – to me, for me
los consejos – advice
los amigos – friends
el cumpleaños – birthday
la película – movie
ese/esa – that
el dinero – money
de – of, from, about
malo – bad
eso – that (neutral)
esto – this (neutral)
¿Quién? – who?
la profesora – teacher (female)
la tarea – homework
mucho – a lot, much

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Tiffany Schonewill
9 years ago

For some reason, this video is no longer showing up. Could you please put it back? Thanks!

12 years ago

gracias muy guapo chico.

13 years ago

Gracias amigo 🙂

15 years ago

Direct Object Pronoun use in sentences! I cant form good sentences out of them!


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