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02 Preterite – Irregulars – Poner

This video lesson covers the verb poner (to put, place, set) in the preterite. As many verbs, poner is an irregular verb in the preterite.

Leave questions, comments, suggestions below if you have them. Enjoy!

conjugation chart:

preterite poner copy

el dinero – money
¿Dónde? – where?
la leche – milk
en – in, on
el refrigerador – refrigerator
ya – already
las maletas – luggage
el coche – car
su(s) – his, her, your (formal)
la llave – key
el bolsillo – pocket
tu(s) – your
la ropa – clothes, clothing
la cama – bed
la computadora – computer
el escritorio – desk

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