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02 Preterite – Irregulars – tener

This video lesson covers the verb tener (to have) in the preterite. Tener of course is an irregular verb in the preterite. Enjoy!

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conjugation chart:

preterite tener copy

la ropa – clothes, clothing
la tarea – homework
mucho – a lot, much
una cita – a date
el viernes – (on) Friday
sacar – to take
la basura – trash
un accidente – an accident
tener tiempo – to have time
tener que – to have to
limpiar – to clean
el cuarto – room, bedroom

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2 Responses

  1. this has been amazing, it’s helped me so much! I’m in spanish 2, and this is a good refresher..sadly I still have trouble with conjugations sometimes. unfortunate. but what’s getting me is knowing when to use the imperfect or preterite. yikes.

  2. Большое спасибо, очень понравилось!
    Хорошие упражнения для запоминания. Хорошо, когда от простого к сложному. Я имею ввиду,что вначале пример просто с местоимением, а потом уже целое предложение.

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