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02 Preterite – Irregulars – traer, conducir, traducir

This video lesson covers three more irregular verbs in the preterite. They are traer (to bring), traducir (to translate) and conducir (to drive). They are all lumped together because they follow similar patterns and are similar to decir in the preterite. Enjoy!

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conjugation charts:

preterite traer copy

preterite conducir copy

preterite traducir copy

la comida – food, meal
a – to
la fiesta – party
los libros – books
la clase de inglés – English class
el trabajo – work
los gatos – cats
bien – well, fine
el inglés – English
el español – Spanish
la enfermera – nurse
para – for
el helado – ice cream
el amigo – friend
su(s) – his, her, their
algo – something
la ciudad – city
*el señor – the man, gentleman
para mí­ – for me

* ‘gentleman‘ as in ‘a courteous/polite/chivalrous man‘ is ‘caballero

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4 Responses

  1. Senor Jordan – You are just too cute. I love the videos – keep em coming! I’m off to Guatemala in a few weeks so I’m trying to cram as much spanish in my brain as possible.

    Thanks for the vids and let me know if you’re ever planning a trip up to Canada!


  2. Dear Sr. Jordan,
    I wish to know if you received my Christmas present to you about 5 weeks ago, via PayPal. I continue to study with your lessons and have given to you at past Christmases, but this year I don’t know if you got it. Yo espero que todos es bien con usted y su familia.
    Marian Steinberg,
    White Plains, NY

  3. Many thanks for your videos Senor J. I am 68 years old retired psychologist living in Brisbane Australia. I have been learning Spanish for four years because my daughter in law is Mexican and she, my son and my six year old grand daughter are all bilingual in English and Spanish. Your videos are great for me to practice new vocabulary and grammar, and then I can try them out on my family. Thanks

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