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02 Preterite – Irregulars – Querer

This video lesson covers another irregular verb in the preterite: querer (to want). Although this verb normally is used as ‘want’ but when used with people, it can carry the idea of ‘love’ or ‘care about’.
Yo quiero un sándwich. I want a sandwich.
Yo quiero a mi madre. I love my mother.

In the preterite it will be ‘wanted’ or ‘loved’, but also carries another meaning that we’ll go over in a later video.


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this video below.

conjugation chart:

preterite querer copy

a – to
comer – to eat
con – with
el muchacho – boy
el restaurante – the restaurant
España – Spain
hablar – to talk, speak
hacer la tarea – to do homework
ir – to go
la fiesta – the party
la madre – mother
la película – movie
los chicos – the boys
los perros – the dogs
nadar – to swim
¿Quién? – Who?
su(s) – his, her, their
tener amigos – to have friends
una hamburguesa – a hamburger
una pizza – a pizza
un millón de dólares – $1 million
ver – to see
visitar – to visit

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10 years ago

Where could I find your video on the change of meaning for the verb querer in the preterite?

Really love all your videos!



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