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01 Vocabulario – El cuerpo

¡Hola! In this video lesson we’re covering some of las partes del cuerpo or ‘body parts’.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions below. Hope you find it helpful!

más práctica:


  • el cuerpo – body
  • la cabeza – head
  • los ojos – eyes
  • la nariz – nose
  • las orejas – ears
  • la boca – mouth
  • los dientes – teeth
  • la lengua – tongue
  • la garganta – throat
  • el cuello – neck
  • el pecho – chest
  • el estómago – stomach
  • la espalda – back
  • el brazo – arm
  • la mano*– hand
  • los dedos – fingers or toes
  • las piernas – legs
  • los pies – feet
  • los dedos del pie – toes**

*notice ‘la mano’ is feminine even though it ends in an ‘o’.

** notice that in the video I mistakenly say “dedo de pie” when the correct form is “dedo del pie”

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17 Responses

  1. Hola! Sr. Jordan
    I am a student from China. I really like your video! Thank u for your wonderful spanish lessons.

  2. Hi! I am russian. I learn Spanish. Your videos are helpful, interesting and funny! This video is so useful. Thank you very much, Jordan!!!

  3. Is there anyway you can upload your videos to Teachertube or schooltube. My school blocks youtube and it makes it hard to show / share your videos with my students.


  4. muchas gracias! ser jordan… yo practicao espanol de universadad… tu videos muy ayudes… trying to practice as much as posible!

  5. Hola Senor Jordan
    Yo acabo de mudarme a los Estados Unidos de México y no hablo bien inglés en absoluto. Los vídeos son muy útiles. Aunque ya sé a español, usar tus vídeos para ayudarme con el inglés. Gracias!

  6. Hello Mr. Jordan.I think there must be a mistake which is writing on video “los dedos de pie”.there was a rule about de+el=del. it means it must be los dedos del pie?is that right?

  7. Thanks for your comment! You’re correct. I had a brain fart in the video. I’ll correct it underneath. Thanks! If possible, I’ll re-upload the video later with the corrected form. 🙂

  8. Where can i find videos about present perfect pretérito perfecto
    and also with reflexiv verbs such as: me he levantado.
    muchos gracias por su videos


  9. Hola, Senor Jordan,

    The pictures of body parts you draw are very cute and helpful for us to learn. Many thanks! But I have a learning problem. Since you speak Spanish (without any English word) throughout the video to introduce the body parts, it is kind of difficult for me to understand your explanation. Could you also add some phrases you use repeatedly when you introduce or explain the new words? Or, if you can give me a one-minute script of any video clip, that will be of great help! Gracias!

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