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¡Bienvenidos a senorjordan.com!

(please note that Mexico is NOT part of Central America even if it appears misleading in the video). I was coloring the Spanish speaking countries. Note that Belice is officially an English speaking country, but Spanish is also used (from what I understand).

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  1. Hola Señor Jordan 🙂
    I just wanted to thank you for making these videos!
    its VERY helpful, and Iam waching them a lot.
    So gracias for that!
    and please keep on making videos! :b

  2. Dear Senor Jordan,

    It would be really great if you would do a video explaining the word “que” in it’s many forms. As I understand, it can be used as a conjunction, adjective and pronoun. How confusing!! Also, though I am not sure how difficult it would be, it would be great to see the verbs, especially shoe verbs, conjugated and written in the past, present and future tenses in the form of a family tree.

    Thanks so much for the email you sent and for taking the time to read your posts.


    Fay Ewalt

  3. Dear Senor Jordan

    I just wanted to thank you for making these videos!

    I want to know if you have any for a I Pod ?
    Have up ever looked into putting your Info on I-tunes?
    I would love to listen to you lessons when working out, riding in the car, ex. on my I Pod.
    Your lessons are 10 times better than anything offed on it now.
    Thanks Bryan

  4. hello jordan. im a white boy myself and i live in arizona, so i have learned some espanol fom my hood lol well i really want to learn spanish but i cant afford those exspensive programs. your vids are the best on youtube that i have seen i like how you show the word as well i am going to watch everyone homie thanks.

  5. Senor Jordan,
    Mexico is not part of Central America. They are north americans. (message from my kids)

    We love your videos and t- shirts. We are a gringo family living in Honduras and are learning spanish as we go along. Your accent is good for us.
    Take care and continue to great service to so many of us. You are better than anyother out there. We have rosetta stone but the kids aren’t to hip on it. thanks for being such a great teacher.
    stephanie stephens

  6. Hola, Senor Jordan!
    Absolutely LOVE the videos! You’re world famous! And to think, I knew you when…
    You are a wonderful teacher.
    Aunt Jerb

  7. Your work is fantastic and has helped me to enjoy learning spanish…..you are great and fun

  8. Hola Señor Jordan,

    Muchísimas gracias por todo los videos que has hecho. Acabo de descubrir este sitio y les va a ayudar a mis estudiantes con los conceptos difíciles.

    Unas recomendaciones para más videos:
    Los mandatos de forma usted/ustedes
    El presente perfecto
    Los complementos directos e indirectos y como son usados juntos en una frase
    El subjuntivo en clausulas nominales
    El subjuntivo en clausulas adjectivales
    El subjuntivo en clausulas adverbiales
    Vocabulario: pidiendo en un restaurante
    Vocabulario: regateando en un mercado

    Otra vez: GRACIAS–espero que sepas cuánto los videos han ayudado a muchas personas!


  9. Hola Señior Jordan,
    I have a Spanish SPEAKING Final tomorrow (6/11/13) I just wanted to thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for helping me through this year (2012-2013 (school year))

    P.S.I WILL get back to you TMW or Wednesday with my grade =)

    Thanks again for all of the help =p

    Talk to U later=)

  10. Hola Sr. Jordan!
    Yo soy maestra de español. Me fascinan sus videos. ¡¡Gracias!! Son una excelente ayuda para mis estudiantes y los voy a empezar a usar para crear una clase invertida (flip classroom). Es decir, mis estudiantes van a ver sus videos en casa y usar la gramática que aprendieron en clase.

    Pregunta: ¿Usted tiene ejercicios para que los estudiantes hagan después de ver los videos? ¿O tiene sugerencias de ejercicios que ellos puedan hacer para demostrar que aprendieron algo viendo los videos?
    Gracias de nuevo!!!

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