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01 La casa (parte 1)

Hola. In this video lesson, we’re talking about la casa (the house). Hopefully you enjoy! Please keep in mind that some words will vary in different countries, regions, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions below.


  • la casa – house, home
  • el dormitorio – bedroom
  • el comedor – dining room
  • la cocina – kitchen
  • el baño – bathroom
  • la sala – living room
  • el lavadero – laundry room
  • el sótano – basement
  • el garaje – garage
  • el jardín – garden; yard
  • la ventana – window
  • la puerta – door
  • el piso – floor
  • el primer piso – first floor
  • el segundo piso – second floor
  • hay – there is/there are
  • tiene – he/she/it has
  • está – he/she/it is
  • sólo – only

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9 Responses

  1. I just recently discovered you on You Tube. MANY THANKS for your amazing videos and helpful lessons. You are an excellent teacher!

  2. Hola Senor Jordan,

    Me llamo estevan. Yo naci en Zimbabwe pero ahora soy en Tejas. Estudio en la escuela fisioterapueta. Usted es un gran maestro y the best resource online/anywhere. I am teaching myself Espanol and you have helped muy mucho.

    Tengo una preguntita-Cual es la diferencia entre “el dormitorio”, “el cuarto”, y “habitacion”. Muchimas gracias!

    Feel free to correct me btw. Thanks!

  3. Hola Esteban,
    Gracias por visitar mi sitio. Me da gusto saber que mis videos te han ayudado…

    Resulta que más o menos se entienden en las siguientes formas:
    ‘el dormitorio’ (bedroom)
    ‘el cuarto’ (room; bedroom or any room)
    ‘la habitación’ (bedroom)

    Ojalá te ayude esto.

    -Sr. J

  4. I have been trying to learn spanish for many years. I always got discouraged and quit. In my job, I now work with a person from Peru, Venezuela, Columbia and Mexico. They are so happy that I am trying to learn spanish and more than happy to help. I use your wonderful video lessons (and other resources) and then try them out on my spanish speaking co-workers. I get corrected a lot but that is how I learn. I also have learned that different countries have different ideas on what is the correct way to speak spanish.

    Thanks for taking the time to make these lessons. They help a lot. Buen trabajo! Adios mi profesor.

  5. I have been teaching Spanish for years at middle, high school and community colleges. Your youtubes are an excellent supplementary resource for any Spanish instructor. Thank you so much!

    Sandy Reul

  6. Hi Senor Jordan. I am studying Spanish and I really like your videos. They are so helpful and creative.

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