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01 La casa (parte 2) + Present tense: Vivir

Hola. In this video lesson we’re going to continue talking a little bit about the house while also throwing in the Present Tense of the verb vivir (to live). You might watch the previous video on ‘la casa‘ and make sure to check the wordbank during the video if you get confused by a word or two.

Hopefully it’s helpful! Leave any questions comments or suggestions below. Verbo:

present vivir


sustantivos (nouns)

  • él – he/him
  • el Árbol – tree
  • el apartamento – apartment
  • el baño – bathroom
  • el comedor – dining room
  • el dormitorio – bedroom
  • el garaje – garage
  • el gato – cat
  • el jardín – garden
  • el primo – cousin (m)
  • el sótano – basement
  • el zoológico – zoo
  • la calle – street
  • la casa – house
  • la ardilla – squirrel
  • la alcantarilla – sewer
  • la piscina – pool
  • la sala – living room
  • las tortugas ninja – the Ninja Turtles
  • ¿Quién? – who?

otro (other)

  • cerca de – close to
  • con – with
  • conmigo – with me
  • de – of, from
  • de dos pisos – two-story
  • en – in, on
  • grande – big
  • lejos de – far from
  • mi – me
  • morado – purple
  • tan – so

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11 years ago

What’s the difference between; tan, entonces and asi que and when is it appropriate for them to be used?
Also, what’s the difference between; conmigo and con mi, contigo and con ti? Is there a difference or are they just shortcuts?

renug nosnibor
12 years ago

Hi Senor Jordan
thanks so much for everything
your vids are cool

13 years ago

hola… I understand why an a + el = al (Yo quierro ir al parque) However, not sure why Javier vive cerca del (de + el) zoologico….

Gracias Sr. Jordon.

13 years ago

Hola ! Sr Jordan.

I have some question on the letter ‘b’ and ‘v’ in spanish. I’m not a native english speaker, please forgive my poor english.
I ‘m self-studying spanish by some books , internet resources, youtube channel and spanish learning software.
Are the ‘b’ and ‘v’ letter in spanish both pronounce like english b sound?
I’m confused by hearing different people pronounce differently on the same words with letter ‘b’ or ‘v’.
Is my ear problem or the habit or Spain and Latin America?
I prefer to learn the Latin America way of Spanish.

Mucho gracias

13 years ago

Dear Sr. Jordan,
If VEMOS means “we see,” what is the meaning of NOS VEMOS? We see us? I can’t make sense out of your saying “Nos vemos!” at the end of this video. Sorry to take up your time again, but I do want to understand everything in your lessons.
Marian Steinberg


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