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01-020 Present Tense AR verbs; tú form

¡Hola! In this lesson we continue learning how to change verbs in the different forms. This video covers the tú (you) form. Remember that there are two ways to say ‘you’ in Spanish. You might review the lesson on formal vs. informal to refresh your memory.


Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.


ayudar (en casa)- to help (around the house)
bailar – to dance
cantar – to sing
cocinar – to cook
dibujar – to draw
enseñar – to teach
escuchar (música) – to listen to (music)
estudiar (español) – to study (Spanish)
hablar (por teléfono) – to talk (on the telephone)
nadar – to swim
necesitar – to need
patinar – to skate
practicar – to practice
terminar – to end, finish
tocar (la guitarra) – to play (guitar)
trabajar – to work

(yo) bailo – I dance
(tú) bailas – You dance

(yo) nado
– I swim
(tú) nadas – You swim

¿Tú nadas? – Do you swim?
Sí­, (yo) nado. – Yes, I swim.
No, (yo) no nado. – No, I do not swim.




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8 Responses

  1. Hola ! Sr. Jordan,
    As somebody commented on your just previous lesson (01-019) and you corrected the Verb…..
    cocinar – to dance (incorrect)
    cocinar – to cook (correct)
    Please, make correction the same in lessons (01-020, in this lesson) and (01-021).
    ! Adios !

  2. thanks for making these great videos. keep it up. by the way, nice t-shirt. i love reese

  3. Senor Jordan,
    I feel like I’m doing super great in Spanish because you are a wonderful teacher!
    Is tu nadas pronounced like this:


    And tu cantas like this:



  4. Hola, senor Jordan! May I ask you about pronunciation? Exuse me, you told us that you speak Latina Spanish, didn’t you? In Latina Spanish “LL” read as a “zh” not as a “Y”. I’m wrong? Thank you for you answer.

  5. Hola! I’m Helen from Russia. I like your videos because they help me to learn Spanish(my favourite language) and English. Thank tou very much for this excellent website!

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