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01-023 Present Tense AR verbs; ellos /ellas / ustedes form

In this video lesson we’ll be going over the final form for standard Latin American Spanish. If you remember from the video on Él / ella / usted, they all shared the same form. This also happens to ellos / ellas / ustedes. Ellos means ‘they’ (males & males + females), ellas means ‘they’ (females) and ustedes means ‘you all’ (plural you). Make sure to check out the final in this video series which will review all the forms!

Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions.

ayudar (en casa)- to help (around the house)
bailar – to dance
cantar – to sing
cocinar – to cook
dibujar – to draw
enseñar – to teach
escuchar (música) – to listen to (music)
estudiar (español) – to study (Spanish)
hablar (por teléfono) – to talk (on the telephone)
nadar – to swim
necesitar – to need
patinar – to skate
practicar – to practice
terminar – to end, finish
tocar (la guitarra) – to play (guitar)
trabajar – to work

yo toco = I play
tú tocas = you play
Él – he plays
ella – she plays
usted toca – you play
nosotros tocamos – we play
nosotras tocamos – we play
ellos tocan – they play
ellas tocan – they (females only) play
ustedes tocan – you all play

La clase termina a la una y diez. – The class ends at 1:10.
Las clases terminan a las tres y media. – The classes end at 3:30.
los estudiantes – The students
el piano – piano
la ciudad – the city
mucho – much




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4 Responses

  1. Hey there,

    I absolutely love your site! The vocabulary lessons are great, it is so cool that apart from just introducing the new vocab you also try to reinforce and activate it. The pics are awsome!!!

    I have only taken up learning Spanish recently but I already have one question. How come when you are introducing the verb conjugation you always omit the plural you form: vosotros. Is there a specific reason for that? As I said I only just started learning and find it a tad confusing.


  2. Hola Sr. Jordan!

    Sr. Jordan…erm…there’s one mistake in the end of this video lesson..the last example: the classes end (without “s”) at 3.30. I think it’s not a big deal, but just do wanna that your lessons would be perfect as they really are!!!

    Muchas muchas gracias for one more amazing lesson !!!

  3. Hola!
    I think you made a mistake in the vocabulary-

    after ‘tu tocas’ the next vocab word is just ‘el’ and the same with ‘ella’.
    Aren’t those supposed to say ‘el toca’ and ‘ella toca’?

    Your videos are the best!!

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