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01 Possessive adjectives (part 2) – nuestro, su

¡Hola! In this video lesson, we’ll continue with the possessive adjectives and add on two more. Well, technically I guess we’re only really adding on one more since the other we already knew.

Enjoy! Leave any questions, comments, or suggestions below.

Helpful graphic:

possessive adjectives copy


  • ¿De quién es? – Whose is it? / Who does it belong to?
  • Es ____. – It is ___.
  • ¿De quién son? – Whose are they? / Who do they belong to?
  • Son ___. – They are ___.
  • el coche – car
  • el cuaderno – notebook
  • el dinero – money
  • el gato – cat
  • el libro – book
  • el perro – dog
  • el teléfono – telephone
  • el zapato – shoe
  • la camiseta – t-shirt
  • la casa – house
  • la hamburguesa – hamburger
  • la mochila – bookbag
  • la pizza – pizza
  • los calcetines – socks

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8 Responses

  1. A mi me gusta su lección cada vez. Este ayuda a mí con mi español. Gracias a Dios. Dios te bendiga con su misión y su educación. No hablo bueno español.

  2. I have just discovered your website. Absolutely brilliant. Although I live in Spain I get very little chance to practice my spanish. I will be looking more at your lessons. They are very clear and helpful.

  3. Hey snr Jordan

    I know you don’t teach the vosotros form, but what would you say for son las hamburguesas de usteades, informal (in Spain)
    Would it be son las hamburguesas de vosotros o simplemente son sus hamburguesas

    I’m English and go to spain regular(ish) so any help on how they might say it, would be appreciated.

    Cheers Greg

  4. The vosotros form is ‘vuestro’… (similar to how nuestro works)

    Son las hamburguesas de vosotros could work… or son vuestras hamburguesas

    -Sr. J

  5. If you please, Sr. Jordon, I would like to know if you received my holiday donation, made on Dec. 21 through your website. Last Christmas you responded, but this year I did not hear from you. Perhaps you are away for the holidays. When you get a chance, if you could check this out, I’d appreciate it. Your lessons are wonderful, and my contribution is a token of my gratitude!
    Marian Steinberg,
    retired high school Social Studies teacher from NY

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