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02 Demonstrative Pronouns

This video lesson is a continuation on the demonstrative lessons. Now, so far we’ve gone over the demonstrative adjectives:
este / esta – this
estos / estas – these
ese / esa – that
esos / esas– those
aquel / aquella – that (far)
aquellos / aquellas – those (far)

Those go before nouns to modify them. If only there were a way to get rid of the noun…[strokes chin]. Oh wait there is!

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Thanks for watching!

Éste / Ésta – this (one)
Éstos / Éstas – these (ones)
Ese / Esa – that (one)
Esos / Esas – those (ones)
aquél / aquélla – that [far] (one)
aquéllos / aquéllas – those [far] (ones)

me gusta(n) más – I prefer… / I like more…

una bandera – a flag
una computadora – a computer
unas fotos – some photos
un bolígrafo – a pen
una camiseta – a t-shirt
un coche – a car
un libro – a book
unos dulces – some candy
unos zapatos – some shoes
un teléfono – a telephone
un reloj – a clock / watch
un pupitre – a desk
unos pantalones – some pants

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for your videos! I survived my intensive Spanish 101 class where we did most of the material you cover in the videos in 4 weeks. My head is about to explode, but it was fun.

    One thing – we were told that the accent marks on the Demonstrative Pronoun is no longer needed nor recommended. (Even our book had them – but the universities that teach Spanish are “correcting” that….)

    Thought I would just pass that on.

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