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02 Present: Conocer (to know)

This video lesson covers verb conocer in the present tense. Conocer is one of two verbs tha translate as ‘to know’ in English. We use conocer with people & pets, places and when we are ‘familiar with’ something.

This will be video 1 of 3 videos in the series. Enjoy!

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Conjugation chart:

present conocer copy

los estudiantes – the students
los libros – books
de –
España –
la chica –
the girl
‘El Señor de los anillos’ –
‘The Lord of the Rings’
San Luis –
St. Louis
el director –
the (male) principal
y –
music –
la música

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5 Responses

  1. Perhaps you know that conocer is not spelled properly in the first person singular below the video screen.

    great series –very helpful; nice balance and length.


  2. How come sometimes a is after conocer and sometimes not? Lik in I know the boy wouldn’t that be I know to the boy lol

  3. The “a” is used after conocer when you know a person its call “La A personal” or “The personal A” – for example – No conozco a President Obama, pero conozco su politica. When you know or “are famaliar” with a place or thing then you will not use the “a”.

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