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02 Present: saber (to know)

This lesson is part two in a series on two different verbs that BOTH translate to ‘to know’ (saber & conocer).

Now in this particular lesson, we’ll be going over saber, which is used for information, facts, and ‘how to‘.

Hope it’s helpful!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this video, let me know below.

Conjugation chart:

present saber copy

quién/quien – who
qué – what
por qué – why
dónde/donde – where
cuándo/cuando – when
cómo/como – how
cuánto(s)/cuanto(s) – how much / how many
que – that, than
lo que – what (in statement)
de – of, from, about

el número de teléfono – telephone number
el cumpleaños – birthday
la madre – mother
el presidente – the president
los Estados Unidos (EEUU) – the US
la clase – class
bailar – to dance
jugar videojuegos – to play videogames
el muchacho – boy
tocar la guitarra – to play guitar
leer – to read
el museo – museum
las matemáticas – math
conducir – to drive
comer – to eat
le gusta – he/she likes / you (formal) like
la respuesta – to answer
esquiar – to ski
¿Qué hora es? – What time is it?
los estudiantes – the students
estudiar – to study
jugar al fútbol – to play soccer
el concierto – concert


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3 Responses

  1. AMAZING videos! I am so grateful to have found them. I used to speak a little but I have to relearn for some volunteer work I am doing. Is all of the grammar that exists in spanish here? I love the way you teach us how it is said for real, in normal life, as well as correctly. Keep them coming!

  2. In the word bank, you misspelled esquiar. Anyways, thanks for the video, it’s really helpful.:)

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