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Basic Conversation – Where are you from

¡Hola! In these videos, we’ll be going over some different phrases you might come across in basic conversations when talking where you are from.



Leave any questions or comments below!

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Ivana Seminelli
5 years ago

I was enjoying your video on descriptive adjectives which I would like to play for my grade 6 class. However you refer to moreno as the color of people’s skin, would you be able to update them using moreno as dark haired not dark skinned??? thank you

8 years ago

¡Hola! mi nombre es Rachel, estoy tratando de aprender español, pero les resulta un poco difícil. Debido a que estoy entendiendo ahora, y de hecho el uso de lo que sé de mi comunidad. Gracias !!!!!!

9 years ago

Hello! I was curious as to when you anticipate uploading your “coming soon” videos: those filed under ‘basic’? I was hoping to view them soon. Thank you.


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