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Basic Conversation – What’s your name

¡Hola! In these videos, we’ll be going over some different phrases you might come across in basic conversations when talking about what your name is.



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16 Responses

  1. Good question.

    Mi = my
    Mi (My) nombre (name) es (is) ….

    Me = myself
    Me (myself) llamo (I call)…
    that is “I call myself [name].”

    Both are used in Spanish, so you should be familiar with either one! 😉

  2. The highlight of my Life, is teaching Signed Language, with music, in a prison. My goal is to give them an hour, of creativity, laughter and hope. Two men that are envolved are Mexican. One is just Learning English. I thought it would be a nice gesture, to show that I really care about them,would be to learn Spanish. I seem to be auditortiy challenged, and over whelmed at is what is before me. Of course I’m working in introducciones, and I’m trying to figure out what veras I should Focus on first. Could you give me an idea of where to Start, that the vocabulary will be relevante to their situation. They are also Christians, and working of religous vocabulary would be helpful.

  3. I applaud all the years of work that you spent on these videos, I’m replacing the famous apps to learn Spanish with your videos and stories

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