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¿De qué color es? (Colors Song!)

Here’s a fun little song I came up with to help with colors, animals and some high frequency words!

Let me know what you think!

Some asked for a coloring sheet to use with the video. Here are two different ones. Let me know if you had a better idea for how I could make them. I figured in one they could write the colors in and in the other they can just colors in the colors and the animals!

I also wrote a Super Simple Reader based on the vocabulary from this song if you would like to download it to read or print off for your classes! B&W versions also available if you’d like to have your little ones color it. 🙂


  • ser – to be
  • soy – I am
  • es – s/he is
  • eres – you are
  • azul – blue
  • rojo – red
  • amarillo – yellow
  • verde – green
  • morado – purple
  • rosado – pink
  • anaranjado – orange
  • café – brown
  • negro – black
  • blanco – white

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5 Responses

  1. I love your de que color video! Do you have an accompanying coloring sheet? It would be perfect for my kindergarten class!

  2. Thanks for what you do. I’ve been trying for 3 years but about the last 8 months it’s been my life. I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

  3. Hola, me encanta tu cancion y queria saber si tienes las notas musicales de la cancion en el ukulele, muchas gracias!

  4. Hola Senor Jordan!

    Would you be willing to share the chords of this song with me? My friend and I would like to learn the chords and play it for a Spanish class. We would be so grateful!

    Muchas Gracias,

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