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How to form Adverbs in Spanish!

Someone asked me awhile back to make a video on adverbs in Spanish. Adverbs are basically words that add more information to the verb or sentence.

I hope you enjoy the video! I’ve been working on the animation since June!

And I got a short, fat, and strong ninja and his love interest to help me as well in this episode!

Feel free to write in the comments your own sentences with how Juan Cena says hello!

And watch until the very end!

Vocabulary list included at the end of the video!

Here’s a helpful graphic for you (click to enlarge):

4 Responses

  1. Hi Senior Jordan,

    I made flashcards, 2 games and a practice test based on a subset of the types of adverbs from your video. At the end of the game, or whenever the player ends the game, they will see a link that sends them to your youtube channel? May I publish flashcards, games and practice tests based on your videos on StudyAce?


    Sorting is only one type of game that can be made. Vocabulary is even more fun and a different set of games!

    Please let me know. Thank you and Happy Holidays! Madeline

  2. Gracias por hacer tus videos mi profesora de español es Senora Miller y me ayudas a prepararme para la clase de español.

  3. Madeline: Can you give me access to these flash cards? As I was going over this video, I could see how useful flashcard games would be. I’d hate to have to recreate what you have already done.
    Thanks – Barbara

  4. Hola Senor Jordan,
    Me has ayudado mucho con mi espanol, pero mi prefesora quiere que apredemos como usar accentos. Puedes acer un video sobre accentos?

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