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01-009 – Months of the Year

In this video, we’ll be talking about: los meses. After going over those, we’ll learn how to tell dates. You might want to review the videos on numbers beforehand. Numbers 1-31 will be the most helpful.

Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggestions! Gracias.

enero – January
febrero – February
marzo – March
abril – April
mayo – May
junio – June
julio – July
agosto – August
septiembre – September
octubre – October
noviembre – November
diciembre – December

¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy? – What is the date today?
Hoy es el # de mes. – Today is the # of month.

primero – first

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? – When is your birthday?
Mi cumpleaños es el # de mes. – My birthday is the # of month.

el día de la Independencia – Independence Day

la Navidad – Christmas

el día de San Valentín – Valentine’s Day

el día de los espíritus – Halloween


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23 Responses

  1. Señor Jordan:

    Es la primer vez que escucho que existe el “día de los espíritus”. ¿Quiere Ud. decir el día de los muertos? ¿?

  2. Es una traducción posible para el ‘Halloween’. ‘El día de los muertos’ es una tradición bastante diferente. Una tiene que ver con los dulces y disfrazarse mientras que otra se trata de recordar a los familiares y seres queridos fallecidos.

  3. Hola Senor Jordan,

    I really enjoy your lessons. I recently took a break from the classes I’m taking at a local adult language school. Anyway, upon returning to the I realized how much I forgot. Thanks for the extra help I need it! And my birthday is also on Dec. 14th! Very cool!

  4. Hola,
    I don’t understand one thing. Why the question about Independence day starts from “Cual” when other questions starts from “Cuando”?

    Hope for quick answer, cause I’m confused 🙂


  5. Good question.

    ¿Cuál? — means what or which…
    I think I often use it in with the word ‘fecha’… ¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy?‘ meaning ‘what is the date [of] today?
    Cuando would be a strange word to use there.. ‘when is the date today?…..

    On the rest of them… I usually ask ‘when?’ and I don’t have the word ‘fecha‘…

    I think that on that question you could ask ‘¿cuándo es el día de la independencia?‘ and it would make sense…

    You would be asking ‘when is independence day?’

    With cuál, you’re asking which of all the days in the year is independence day.

    Either one makes sense.

    Hope that clarifies!

  6. !HOLA!

    !!Cuidado!! Para las fechas, es posible (y frecuente) decir : “Hoy es el uno de…” No es obligatorio decir: “Hoy es el primero de…”

  7. Hola,

    So you ask “¿Cuál es la fecha de hoy?‘, you use “la”.

    and ‘¿cuándo es el día de la independencia?‘, you use “el”.

    When you actually pronounce “es”, do you just mixed it after pronounce the first word? like “Cuál es”, in the back, you pronounce “les”, “cuándo es”, you pronounce “does”.

  8. for english speakers:
    ok so these days people are saying that just listening to the language will help you learn the language. Personally i thinks that would be much easier than all the dumb stuff they have us do in school!! I was just wondering how did you learn spanish to speak spanish??
    para los hispanohablantes:
    bien por lo que estos días la gente está diciendo que acaba de escuchar el lenguaje le ayudará a aprender el idioma. Personalmente piensa que sería mucho más fácil que todas las cosas tontas que nos tienen en la escuela! Me preguntaba ¿cómo aprendiste a hablar español español?

  9. Thank you so much. I am taking homeschool spanish 1 classes . This was very helpful and I learned the months very quick and very easily.
    Thanks for all you do! ~Allie

  10. What Spanish do you teach? The Spanish they use in Spain, or the Spanish used here in America? I’m new to this, so just wondering.

  11. I’ve started taking home school Spanish 1 classes and these videos have been super helpful! I basicly learned the months the first time I watched the video. Thank you!

  12. Loved your video on the months. Thank you. But it had one mistake. At the end you were talking about halloween but it said valentines day. Tripped me up so just wanted to point that out. Thank you for making this video

  13. These are awesome video’s! At the 4:32 mark, you’ll see that the question says “Valentine’s day” when I believe it means “Halloween,” to match the “October 31st” thing. Other then that, I don’t have any questions. Thank you!

    – B

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