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01-006- Numbers 0-39

¡Hola a todos!  In this video, I’ll be reinforcing 1-15 and then adding 1-39. I apologize ahead of time for the repetitive nature of this video, but that is the best way to learn.

Feel free to leave questions and/or comments! ¡Gracias! y ¡Adiós!

0 cero
16 diez y seis (dieciséis)
17 diez y siete (diecisiete)
18 diez y ocho (dieciocho)
19 diez y nueve (diecinueve)
20 veinte
21 veinte y uno (veintiuno)
22 veinte y dos (veintidós)
23 veinte y tres (veintitrés)
24 veinte y cuatro (veinticuatro)
25 veinte y cinco (veinticinco)
26 veinte y seis (veintiséis)
27 veinte y siete (veintisiete)
28 veinte y ocho (veintiocho)
29 veinte y nueve (veintinueve)
30 treinta
31 treinta y uno
32 treinta y dos
33 treinta y tres
34 treinta y cuatro
35 treinta y cinco
36 treinta y seis
37 treinta y siete
38 treinta y ocho
39 treinta y nueve

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13 Responses

  1. Hi

    We cant get your videos to play in school, what player is used or is it linked to another source.



  2. Hello. After listening to the numbers 30 to 39, it sounds to me like you are saying some of the numbers from 31 to 39 with the “y” (“and”) included, and some not. Am I hearing this wrong?

  3. Ann,
    Interesting observation. Chances are, I am creating a diphthong (combining of vowel sounds) because the ‘a’ on treinta’ and the ‘y’ turn into “ay’ which sounds like the name of the letter ‘i’ in English.

    So I’m probably saying ‘treintay uno’…. etc

    -Sr. J

  4. I’m watching this in 2021 and am loving it you are a great teacher keep up the work

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