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01-007 – Numbers 0-100

Hey everyone. Here’s the numbers lesson that review the prior two videos on numbers. I would recommend starting with the first one if you don’t know the numbers at all and slowly build from there. This one might be better to start with if you’ve already learned 1-39 and feel fairly confident on those.

Either way, hope this is helpful! It might be good to watch it a few times to practice and reinforce. Feel free to leave any comments or questions:

40 cuarenta
41 cuarenta y uno
42 cuarenta y dos
43 cuarenta y tres
44 cuarenta y cuatro
45 cuarenta y cinco
46 cuarenta y seis
47 cuarenta y siete
48 cuarenta y ocho
49 cuarenta y nueve
50 cincuenta
51 cincuenta y uno
5~ cincuenta y ___
60 sesenta
61 sesenta y uno
6~ sesenta y ___
70 setenta
71 setenta y uno
7~ setenta y ___
80 ochenta
81 ochenta y uno
8~ ochenta y ___
90 noventa
91 noventa y uno
9~ noventa y ___
100 cien

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17 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Let me ask a question,
    how in Spanish they call years? I mean for exmpl. in English 1992 is nineteen ninety two, but in Russian it is one thousand nine hundred ninety two or just ninety two. How it works in Spanish?

  2. Fine! now I’ve to learn how to say in Spanish 200,300,400….900, I’ve already learned 100-cien y 1000-mil. Do you have a lesson about it?
    Thanx for your response.

  3. Right… you’ll say the year as if it were a normal number (not like English). For example…

    1992 – mil novecientos noventa y dos
    2009 – dos mil nueve

    Thanks for your question!

  4. I have a question about your Spanish pronunciation, “setenta”.
    In Spain, they pronunciate ‘t’ sound somewhat thick. but your pronunciation is little different from I’ve learned. Umm… your
    pronunciation was like English pronunciation I think..What do
    think about this?

  5. This comment is not tied to any particular video. First off, I have to say great job, your videos are easy to follow, informative, and you are a great teacher. Do you have a video explaining por vs para? Those two words always confuse me a lot. Thanks again!

  6. Hola!!!! my 7th grade spanish teacher plays these videos every day at the beginning of class. learning a new language is tricky, but with your easy-to-follow and understand vids, im learning at a quick pace. your so amazing!!! thx!!! gracias!!!


  7. Hey there! Your video’s really help me. I am a junior in spanish two this semester. But my teacher is giving us extra credit if we watch the 1st 61 video’s of yours…and take notes, and my hand feels like its about to fall off. The video’s about what we’re learning in my class are very helpful, the beginning not so much, only because I’ve taken spanish 1 twice and I was tought it in elementary school! Well have a nice day! (:

  8. Is there anyway to say my name in Spanish and also can u make a video over cognates i really need em for my Spanish class……:) THANKS!! A BUNCH!!!!! LOVE YOUR VIDs

  9. Gladson Musonda,

    I just stumbled on your question. I am very thankful for Sr. Jordan and his site. I thought I would give you a source to research the history of names. Google “behind the name”. If I were to write your name out phonetically the way a Spanish-speaker might say it, I would say “GLAHD-sohn”. Hope that was in anyway helpful.

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