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01-028 Present Tense – IR (part 2) ¿Adónde…?

In this video lesson, we’ll be continuing with the verb ir in the present tense. Ir is an irregular verb. This means that although ‘to go’ is ir, the different forms do not look even close to ‘ir‘. Those forms are as follows…

yo voy,  vas, Él/ella/usted va, nosotros/nosotras vamos, ellos/ellas/ustedes van.

In this video, we’ll be learning how to ask and answering questions with the word: ¿Adónde? (Where (to)?) Enjoy!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this lesson, let me know!

Conjugation chart:

present tense ir copy

yo voy – I go / I am going
tú vas – You go / You are going
Él va – He goes / He is going
ella va – She goes / She is going
usted va – You (formal) go / You (formal) are going
nosotros vamos – We go / We are going
nosotras vamos – We (f) go / We (f) are going
ellos van – They go / They are going
ellas van – They (f) go / They (f) are going
ustedes van – You all go / You all are going

¿Adónde vas? – Where do you go? / Where are you going?

el campo – the country, countryside
el centro comercial – the mall
el cine – the movie theater
el gimnasio – the gym
el museo – the museum
el parque – the park
el parque de diversiones – the amusement park
el restaurante – the restaurant
la biblioteca – the library
la escuela – the school
la iglesia – the church
la piscina – the pool
la playa – the beach
la tienda – the store

¿Adónde vas a las cuatro y media? – Where do you go at 4:30? / Where are going at 4:30?

¿Adónde van los chicos a las siete? – Where do the boys go at 7:00? / Where are the boys going at 7:00?


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12 Responses

  1. Was just wondering, what’s the difference between using ‘me voy…’ and ‘yo voy…’? which is correct im confused…

  2. Hola~~~ I’m just watching your video. and reviewing now.
    By the way,, ‘library’ is ‘biblioteca’ , isn’t it..? However, at 3:44 , It might be spelling mistake. Check please~

    Hasta luego~~

  3. ¡Ay no! That was a typo. I added an annotation to the video. Thanks for noticing that! 😉

    -Sr. J

  4. holla, senor jordan!
    i finded in some book the sentance “Vamos a ir al cine.”
    is it some different betwen spain and latin america, or something else ?

  5. hola senor jordan!! I’m an avid fan of yours…you are so amazing..thanks a lot for the videos…but I have a question,
    What if I wanted to ask someone where he/she IS going and I wanted to emphasize the “usted” form… Should I say ” Donde va usted?” or Donde usted va? thanks!! =)


  7. 0-0128

    One of your examples asked … Using va …. You answered (yo) voy …. Correction needed


    I learn from you daily.

    Fabuloso, muchos gracios


  8. Love your videos!

    I am wondering about time. I am studying with a program which taught that you only use -a las- when talking about 1:00 –(a las uno). All other hours it is -son las ( son las tres, etc..)

    Are both ways correct? Thanks a ton!

    I would have loved to have a spanish teacher like you!

  9. Isaiah vera,
    He means when someone (in spanish) tells you: “where are you (tu/usteadas) going, say I (yo) am going instead of you are going.

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