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01-029 Present Tense – IR (part 3) + verbo

In this video lesson, we’ll be continuing with the verb ir in the present tense. Ir is an irregular verb.

In addition to the present tense, we can also use this verb for a future tense as long as we remember the rule on how to do it.  The formula is [form of ir] + a + [infinitive verb]. Enjoy.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this lesson, let me know!

Conjugation Chart:

present tense ir copy

yo voy – I go / I am going
tú vas – You go / You are going
Él va – He goes / He is going
ella va – She goes / She is going
usted va – You (formal) go / You (formal) are going
nosotros vamos – We go / We are going
nosotras vamos – We (f) go / We (f) are going
ellos van – They go / They are going
ellas van – They (f) go / They (f) are going
ustedes van – You all go / You all are going

¿Adónde…? – Where (to)?
¿Adónde vas? – Where do you go? / Where are you going?

el campo – the country, countryside
el centro comercial – the mall
el cine – the movie theater
el gimnasio – the gym
el museo – the museum
el parque – the park
el parque de diversiones – the amusement park
el restaurante – the restaurant
la biblioteca – the library
la escuela – the school
la iglesia – the church
la piscina – the pool
la playa – the beach
la tienda – the store

cantar – to sing
escuchar música – to listen to music
estudiar – to study
hablar por teléfono – to talk on the phone
mañana – tomorrow
necesitar – to need
tocar el piano – to play the piano
trabajar – to work
un libro – a book

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7 Responses

  1. Grasias, этот урок тоже весьма важен для меня в моём продвижении в испанском. К сожалению, я пока не успеваю сообразить правильный вариант на испанском за отведёный промежуток времени, но это дело техники. Главное, я уяснила как сформулировать мысль в будущем времени. Interesante, is there any change in spanish sentance if in English – going to and will?
    Да, и что более всего удивительно(surprising) было для меня, так это tu ejemplo about Ricardo y Carlos van a estudiar. Probably it is just the common guy`s names in the place you live but here in St.Peterbug just 1 of million, but I have friends Ricardo y Carlos and they studied together!!! It`s incredible!!!

  2. I have a little question. In one textbook I`ve read about the form : vosotros – vais, but in thes video it is absent. :-/

  3. You’re right! I don’t cover the vosotros in this video or in any of the others with verbs. The reason is that I speak Latin-American Spanish (Spanish for Central and South America). To say you all (plural you) in those countries, you say ‘Ustedes’ and it doesn’t matter if you know them or not. ‘tú + tú = ustedes’ and ‘usted + usted = ustedes’.

    But in Spain, for people that you’re talking to that you are familiar with or who are younger, you can use ‘vosotros’. I don’t cover it because I have no need of it. Everyone I know is from Central and South America.

  4. ¡Hola! Soy maestra de español en Illinois. I teach that in statements, the subject comes before the verb but in questions, the subject comes after the verb.

    Ej: Yo voy a la tienda.
    ¿Van (ustedes) a la tienda?

    I just stumbled across your videos on youtube, and really like them, and think my students would also. Are you doing it this way because it is more common in casual spoken Spanish? Gracias, Amy

  5. I was taught that when speaking you can hook the ‘a’ onto the ‘ir’ form so as to not seperate them when you are talking to someone. So for example if you were to say ‘I’m going’ you hook it onto the ‘voy’ when speaking so it becomes ‘voya’ as like one word. Does this make sense and is this true? Any help would be appreciated. Also, thank you for your videos, you are a great teacher and I am learning a lot from you.

  6. ¡Hola Señor Jordan! Very helpful stuff. I like how you make the learning easier by slowing it down and saying it precisely. ¡Gracias!

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